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cyclewinter 10-10-05 01:09 PM

VeloSWap! San Fran not at Cow Palace this YEar!
:D HEy is anyone planning on attending one of the VeloSwap events this year? I am so excited for the one in San Francisco!!!! I've just moved here from back east and people here really seem excited about it- I really need a new bike and I guess this is a good place to start. Anyhow- just putting out the word. oh- and by the way- I guess lots of people don't know that the San Fran VeloSwap has changed venues from the Cow Palace to the Concourse Exhibition Center on 7th and Brannon.

Siu Blue Wind 10-10-05 09:31 PM

When is the one in The City?

snowy 10-11-05 10:06 AM

Going to the one in Denver on the 22nd of October. It will be my first and looking forward to it, boyfriend has a booth with some friends!!!!

Pizza Man 10-11-05 10:11 AM

Danver Octiber 22nd, San Francisco October 29th.

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