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painchain 10-10-05 05:28 PM

It would seem to me that the HAC4 is a better value -- and the TR-100 is not out yet and doesn't seem to have an altimeter - but it looks cool.

I really want a new computer for a new Project One I'm picking up in Austin for the Ride for the Roses. The MAIN features I need are;

- Rear wheel odometer (trainer).
- Heart Rate Monitor
- Cadence optional
- Altimeter

What do you guys think?

shoerhino 10-10-05 05:34 PM

I'm not sure when the TR-100 is coming out as cateye has been talking about that for about a year now. If you are going to buy a top of the line computer, look at the Garmin Edge 305.

painchain 10-10-05 05:38 PM

Hi Shoerhino, isn't that computer mega huge?

painchain 10-10-05 06:08 PM

These forums move way too fast.

shoerhino 10-10-05 06:21 PM

Definately larger than average -
Size: 1.75"W x 3.7"H x .9"D

Never used the HAC4 personally but I've heard good things about it.

painchain 10-10-05 06:30 PM

What about the Polar S725? Anyone?

late 10-10-05 06:38 PM

it's cheaper and makes more sense to get an HRM and a computer. I'd get a midrange HRM that doesn't have too many features.If you aren't working with a coach, you don't need more.
If you are working with a coach, get what he likes.

I do like the altimeter feature on the computer, but haven't liked ones that used barometric pressure to guess altitude changes.

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