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Spire 09-13-02 03:42 PM

What is the best time to train?
What time of day do you like to train?

I prefer smog-free mornings!

dirtbikedude 09-13-02 03:49 PM

The best time to train is any time I get a chance. Now that the season is coming to an end I will be riding as often as possible. Hopefuly it will cool off and we will get some rain this year, I love riding in the rain with the mercury below 10 degrees C.

Maelstrom 09-13-02 04:25 PM

This is a personal thing. When I was working out I was a morning person. Wake up at 4pm and hit the gym at 6pm. (obviously this is my morning back then). When I ride I ride best in the morning with a little food in me. However due to my work schedule I end up riding after work generally after a bigger meal. That sucks but I live with it :)

velocipedio 09-13-02 04:31 PM

Mornings... especially mornings when you get up early enough to have a 7:30 am start to your intervals, but find as soon as you start rolling that, despite what your training partner said from his lofty vantage, it did rain, so you have to grab your other bike and make it down to the rendez-vous point where your training partner isn't because he had the good sense to go home and go back to bed.

Good intervals, though. HR average for the intervals: 162 bpm... HR average for the whole ride: 140 bpm. :D

velocipedio 09-13-02 04:32 PM


Originally posted by Maelstrom
When I was working out I was a morning person. Wake up at 4pm and hit the gym at 6pm.
Worked in a nightclub?

Morning in Australia? :D

hillyman 09-13-02 05:11 PM

I hate the word 'train' but I like to ride mornings.Sunday mornings are the best.Just me and a smooth highway without many cars:D

Maelstrom 09-13-02 06:54 PM


Originally posted by velocipedio

Worked in a nightclub?

Morning in Australia? :D

Night shift at a prison :)

diggity dank 09-13-02 07:37 PM

at least for my running, the morning is definitely the best time to train. it sucks getting up at 5:15 to do it, but my body seems to react to it much better. now the few times i have gotten up to cylcle in the mornings, it has been kind of weird. not that my body takes it differently than when i run, but there is just something about that kind of speed when i am not quite aware of the world around me yet.

lotek 09-14-02 07:23 AM

4am on the rollers, if ride on the bike by 7:00 am.
It take real commitment to get up at that hour and
As Spire said by late afternoon when I'm home from
work air quality has gone from bad to worse.
Can't wait for winter jetstream to blow some of the
ozone and crap out of the area.


snowman3 09-14-02 12:23 PM

For runners they say the best time to train is the same time of day that you usually race. I would always run at lunch and in the evenings. It was hell trying to get my body loose for a 7am race.... I just wasn't used to performing that early in the day and I could tell a difference.

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