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fubar5 04-06-01 12:47 PM

Well, the time has come to get this straight.
Sadly but truly, it has come to my attention that some think I am a girl, and my avatar is the culprit. So, I've decided to put it in black and white for you shades of gray.

I, am a Male
My avatar, is Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron in no way endorses her appearance here and any questions should be directed to 1-800-ASKMATT

Thank you

Joe Gardner 04-06-01 01:14 PM

Put "MALE in your signature :) hehe

orguasch 04-06-01 08:34 PM

Yes, fubar5, when I saw your avatar I really though your a "she", but now everything is now laid to rest, sorry to inform you but I think all the guys here live in the "stone age" I mean where old, so we don't know the guy in your avatar:dance: but still we can dance

fubar5 04-07-01 08:38 PM

Hmmm, I don't know if I can get a avatar of Wilma Flintstone...

RainmanP 04-08-01 12:11 PM

I understood from the beginning that you were male, but I couldn't help picking on you a little from time to time because of your avatar.

fubar5 04-08-01 01:34 PM

WELL!!! of all the things... I'll just have to change my avatar!!

RainmanP 04-09-01 07:08 AM

Aww, man! Put Charlize back. I like her much better.

fubar5 04-09-01 08:05 AM


fubar5 04-09-01 08:37 AM

Well, it might take me sometime, I guess it got deleted off the database when I used another avatar. Now I gotta find the picture again and get a find the graphic resizer I used, its kinda hard to get it so small without messing up the pixel quality. I'll get it back on though.

fubar5 04-10-01 12:25 PM

Got her back on guys!!!

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