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Joe Gardner 04-06-01 02:19 PM

WooHoo, I start Monday at my new job, finally! Im so in debt from my surgery, I cant wait to get back to work! The job is just over 20 miles away, and I have already found the perfect bike route, it will bike thru 12 miles of farm land, just over a mile next to the lake, a few miles of urban housing, and just a few miles in the cities. I doubt I will start riding for a few more months however, im still working on getting my legs back :)

My boss told me that I could put my bike in her office, I also called the local health club that's just down the road from work, they told me that with a membership ($29 a month) I could use there showers... So I will probably sign up for the health club, as I need to work on my upper body anyhow, looks like the perfect commute so far :D

LittleBigMan 04-06-01 06:48 PM

Congratulation, Joe!

I am very delighted for you!

Pete Clark :beer:

Hunter 04-06-01 09:43 PM

Way to go Joe! Glad to here it. Hope everything goes well from here on.

aerobat 04-07-01 09:25 AM

Sounds great, Joe. I hope this working stuff won't interfere with the important job of keeping the forums operating! Seriously, congratulations and good luck (although with that commute it looks like you got the last part already).

gnein 04-07-01 12:55 PM

gnein.....(btw, that word can be said in a very joyous tone)



fubar5 04-07-01 09:48 PM

Way to go Joe!!!

TriBob 04-08-01 03:02 PM

Congrats! You can afford more bike stuff :)

Joe Gardner 04-08-01 03:05 PM

LOL bob, so true :)

technogirl 04-11-01 10:31 PM

Congrats! That commute sounds great by the way; I'm envious! :)

Joe Gardner 04-12-01 08:14 PM

BAH, sorry all, i really dont have much time to work on this site for the next week, training takes 8hrs a day plus another 6hrs of at-home studying. Once im out of traning i'll have time to update and promote the site :)

I was thinking about riding my bike half way to work today, but we ended up with half a foot of snow, so i drove today, maybe tomarro...

aerobat 04-12-01 10:34 PM

Well Joe you deserve some time off (from the site), you've been working pretty hard at it.
I know what you mean about the weather, ours has been off and on here, too. We havn't gotten any more snow for a while, but they keep on forcasting it, so you never know what you'll run into. I havn't actually commuted to work yet this year, although I've gone past my workplace a few times on my regular rides, just because of that. :cry:
But rumor has it that summer really IS coming!

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