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threadend 09-15-02 06:50 PM

oddservation #2 - Gunwales and bananaboats
Over the course of last week I met up with a couple of classmates I hadn't seen since graduation from high school in 1978. The chance encounters were at informal settings and shorts were the order of dress by all.

I couldn't stop staring at their concave and almost atrophic shins. They had absolutely no muscle on the front of their lower legs, very little muscle in the calf area and no visible definition anywhere in the legs at all.

All week now I've been classifying every shin / calf combo I come across as "cyclist" (self explanatory); "Donut lover" (again, goes without saying); Gunwales" (whimpy shins, but some calf) or "Banana boats" (basic skin and bones).

Needless to say the poll is definitely light toward the "cyclist" end of the scale.

I'm thinking that repetitious pressing of the acelerator and brake pedal just doesn't get very good results in the fitness category.

joeprim 09-17-02 05:59 AM

I would hope you would need another catergory for weight lifters. I watched a min. or two of the Tour de Spain the other night. Those guys with thin! mussle shape but thin. Don't other people do leg presses to build up leg mussles?


Matadon 09-17-02 09:02 AM

I've been doing weighted lunges, and getting some pretty nice results.

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