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orguasch 04-08-01 06:09 PM

Take a shot on whose going to be the last four teams of the Tour de France, sixteen teams has already been pre-selected base on their Point ranking,, will it be Mercatone Uno, Saeco-Canondale, Big-Mat, Lotto, The German Pro-Team, or the American Mercury Team, who will it be, Take your Pick?, who will dance :dance: in the TdF who will cry:cry:, their hearts out!!!!!!

orguasch 04-09-01 08:32 PM

Come on guys take you're pick, don't let me down on this one

LittleBigMan 04-09-01 08:39 PM

Hey, Oscar,

Maybe no one knows, buddy, like me!


amosmccoy2000 04-10-01 09:45 AM

Mercury-Viatel, Lotto-Adecco, Saeco Macchine per Caffe', and Team Coast

Altwegg 04-10-01 06:52 PM


I sure hope Mercatone-Uno is invited....Armstrong vs. Pantani on the mountains (especially the mountain TT!) is something no one should miss.

Saeco would be great to have too, Cipo's sprinting is truly awesome.

Hmmm, Mercury isn't bad too....I think they have a great chance of winning a few stages.

Of course, we need to have Lotto! Shouldn't miss Andrei Tchmil (he is with Lotto right?) and Jacky Durand.

What's in it for me if I guess all four teams correctly? A set of Ksyriums?

orguasch 04-10-01 07:45 PM

Yes, Buddy, a set of Ksyrium, is it, maybe in our dreams.., sure hope Mercatone Uno, gets invited coz' it will decide once and for all, who will eats one's word, will it be Pantani " Il Pirata" or Lance

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