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Bike_UK 10-25-05 01:36 AM

Sizing for bike shorts
I am just about to buy my first pair of bike shorts for my short commute (12 mile round trip) and a couple of longer rides a week (26 mile round trip). Is there a definitive guide as to what size to get? I have tried a few pairs on and they are all tight (obviously!), so should i be looking for the smallest i can squeeze into or the largest that doesn't bunch up?

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.

Martin :)

The Seldom Kill 10-25-05 01:47 AM

Altura tend to run a little small so don't be embaressed about getting the larger size. Alternatively I would advise getting some MTB shorts with built in padding. Far more practical for general rolling around and they have pockets. I selected Hind which are very comfortable and don't give the whole nappy effect.

Jarery 10-25-05 09:16 AM

They want to be snug fitting, like a second skin, but without the legs digging in or cutting off circulation.

Applehead57 10-25-05 10:01 AM

Also remember to get long inseams.
I find short inseams to be less comfortable.
At least 8 inches, up to 10 is possible.

And kudo's to Jarery, circulation is a good thing.

John Wilke 10-25-05 10:06 AM

Not baggy, and not stretched to the limit. If they are too tight, over time the fibers pull apart. If they feel comfortable, then they are probably about right.

John Wilke

DataJunkie 10-25-05 10:26 AM

I used the fit guide the store had displayed when I purchased my first and only pair.
My waist has been shrinking and currently I am right on the line between XL and L. Since I have been loosing weight I opted for the L. Works great.

russdaz 10-25-05 06:09 PM

depends on the leg grippers, but i prefer the tightest fit without leg discomfort as the lycra strectches well.

i also prefer team issue stuff the cut seams to fit me better than non team spec stuff.

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