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Elvis 04-10-01 01:33 PM

I have a GT mountain bike that I am considering taking to a beach house (300 yrds from Gulf) and leaving it in the garage. I'm concerned about corrosion on the bike. Should I leave the bike in Memphis? If I took the bike to the beach, what could I do to prevent corrosion?

fubar5 04-11-01 08:21 AM

It's hard to say. My sister has a bike she rides on the beach and stuff and I haven't noticed any corrosion. If it an option, I would leave the nice bike in Memphis, and get a inexpensive bike for the Gulf, but not everybody can afford that(I know I can't). I think that if you wipe the bike down after rides and stuff, or spray it down with a solvent it'll be ok.

Disclaimer: Fubar5 will not be held accountable for any damges cause by his suggestion.

MichaelW 04-11-01 10:28 AM

If its a steel frame, coat it in a few layers of car wax.
Clean the spokes and wax them (but not the rims !!!)

Watch out for places where steel and Al meet (headset and Bottom Bracket locking rings if you have lightweigh bits).
My steel machine survives a coastal environment OK. You may be better off with an Al frame, but use what you have.

If you find you're getting sand inside the bearings, then a grease injection system is good for flushing dirt out of the hubs and BB. It works with cup and cone style bearings, you drill a hole, fit a grease nipple or cover, and possibly some silicon rubber sealing lips, and squirt.
Total bearing maintainance in 1 min.

aerobat 04-11-01 03:50 PM

Don't forget to gease the seat post.

pat5319 04-15-01 04:59 AM

There is some junk you can spray inside you tubes to coat/protect them, "Frame Saver" by Weigle ?

Or you could go to an auto store and get a petroleum product that goes/sprays on thin and "sets-up" for the same purpose

Monkey Spud 04-19-01 01:18 PM

Actually all you would need to wax would be the steel frame and spokes. Most everything else on a bike isnt steel, usually alumium or something. And I even think most frames are stainless steel which shouldnt really have any affect.

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