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LittleBigMan 04-12-01 10:35 PM

Here I am, at 12:23 am on Thursday, 4-13-01, watching the shopping channel. Two Coca-Cola mini-helmets of Dale Earnhardt and Earnhardt Jr. on sale.

"I have less than 50 to offer at $99 dollars. That is the lowest price we have ever offered. But we're doin' it tonight. You have less than two minutes to dial in, that's less than $50 per helmet. And those of you who ordered it at $149, don't worry, we're putting it in the system will get them for $99. We may get in trouble for doin' this, but folks, I'm going to say this right now, you've got less than 30 gosh! $99!!!"

"Everyone dialing in is GUARANTEED: BASEBALLS!"

I prefer, "BikeForums-dot-com". Is anybody awake???


Nitey-nite. :sleep:

aerobat 04-12-01 10:52 PM

I know, entirely too much time on this site. But it's better than being out on the street, unless it's on a bike, of course!
I'm outa here.:D

pat5319 04-15-01 04:13 AM


Monkey Spud 04-18-01 11:01 PM

Whats up with that dale earnhardt anyway? they are dragging this waaaaayyyy too far. I love auto racing and its just not right. besides, the whole accident was just a dose of his own medicine. live by the sword, die by the sword.

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