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Saphilipps 09-24-02 03:12 PM

I Think My Frames to Big
i have a 21" Giant Iguana and im 6"3 ?! i dont jump i just do trails...everyones telling me i only needed a 17 :( :( :( :( :mad: :mad: :mad:

Guillermo 09-24-02 03:29 PM

well height isn't the only determining factor associated with frame size, but I would say that a 17" would be pretty small for someone 6'3", unless you had crazy short legs or something. Where'd you get the bike? Did they size you?

Saphilipps 09-24-02 03:31 PM

yea they did...they said i need a 20-21 im 6"3 and normal ... what do u think the right size is and what determines what the right size is for me..i mean i feel confortable on the bike and all

Saphilipps 09-24-02 03:40 PM

when i pull the frame up so it hits my ccrotch i have about 1.5 inches...i heard ure supposed to have 2-4

KleinMp99 09-24-02 03:50 PM

Originally posted by Saphilipps
i mean i feel confortable on the bike and all
You feel comfortable on it, dont let anybody tell you that its the wrong size because it OBVIOUSLY isnt.

dirtbikedude 09-24-02 05:59 PM

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For six years I road a 20" frame. I am 6'2" and I was able to ride it any where. Jumps, technical single track, steep decentsand so forth. Granted it was a bit clumbsy on very tight technical sections but for long distance and hill climbing it was great. If you feel comfy on the bike then stick with it. If it feels as though you can not manage it through turns or on technical sections then consider a smaller frame but not a 17". Even if you were doing steep technical rides I would suggest no smaller then 18". Below is a pic of me and my 20"carbon bike.


Saphilipps 09-24-02 06:04 PM

hwy thanks alot that really made me feel better about my bike :) :beer: :D

KleinMp99 09-24-02 06:16 PM

Originally posted by dirtbikedude
Below is a pic of me and my 20"carbon bike.
You dont want to see what happens next.....its not pretty.

John E 09-24-02 06:27 PM

Everyone assumes that a smaller frame is safer, particularly for offroad cycling. However, as the exposed length of seat post increases, so does the stress on it, even if the post is not over-extended. A broken seat post is not a pretty sight ...

At 5'8", I would consider a 17" frame ideal. My 5'10" elder son is OK with his 17" frame, but I do need to buy a longer seat post to give him a full leg extension safely.

unrelated 09-24-02 10:56 PM

You are 6 foot 3? That's pretty tall and 17" is definitely tooooo small for you. I am only 5'4 and I ride 17". It's just right for me.

Are you comfortable with your frame. Is the handles too far or near? Is it too high or low? That's what it matters.

I read on a magazine that the recommended angle of your bent knee when the paddle is in the horizontal position is 110 degrees. So maybe that can be a referrence for you.

MichaelW 09-25-02 05:48 AM

I ride trails on a bike with 1 1/2" of clearance.
Since you can raise and lower the seatpost so much, the "height" of the frame is less critical than the length.
On larger frames, you can set the handlebars higher up, on smaller frames, you can set them lower, whichever you prefer.

Ritalin 09-25-02 11:16 AM

I'm 5'10 and ride a 18" trek. I rode a 16.5" (next size down) just to see what it felt like and it felt like a BMX bike. Which might be good if I rode a lot of technical stuff, but since I ride trails that arn't that technical I like the 18. Even if I did ride technical stuff a lot I don't think I'd have prefered the 16.5" because once I had to pedal up hill or any distance at all I'd hate it.

As far as needing more standover height... I was worried that I wouldn't have enough on the 18" but I've never found myself needing more, or getting racked up *knocks on wood*.

Sometimes it is hard to get going again if I hit a root or rock while pedaling uphill since if I am on the seat in riding position I really have to stretch a foot out on my tippy toes to touch the ground to stay balanced. I still think I have the right sized frame because it's very comfortable to ride.

RonH 09-25-02 01:38 PM

Go to for sizing help.

MtnBikerChk 09-25-02 02:42 PM

good mountain bike riders tend to go a little bigger than a little smaller. size is nowhere near as important as it is for a road bike.

if you are comfortable, then screw what anyone else says!

dirtbikedude 09-25-02 08:20 PM

size is nowhere near as important
Do you know some thing we don't and are trying to make him feel better?
Could not help my self, had to ask:D


joeprim 09-26-02 05:47 AM

Originally posted by Saphilipps
i have a 21" Giant Iguana and im 6"3 ?! i dont jump i just do trails...everyones telling me i only needed a 17 :( :( :( :( :mad: :mad: :mad:
Good idea thern you can put it in your pocket and don't have to look for safe places to lock it up.

Seriously I'm ~6' and rid a 19" mtb and a 21" road bike. And you say it's comfortable - what more can you ask.

MtnBikerChk 09-26-02 06:21 AM

Originally posted by dirtbikedude

Do you know some thing we don't and are trying to make him feel better?
Could not help my self, had to ask:D




gabiker 09-26-02 07:17 AM

I am 6'2" and I ride a 21" Trek. I have played around on a 17" bike and it would be very uncomfortable on any ride more than a block or 2.

Like most have said it depends on your leg length and torso length but I would think a 17" would be way to small.

a2psyklnut 09-26-02 08:07 AM

Height doesn't matter, what's critical is your inseam measurement.

That wrenchscience website is a good tool, however it's very comprehensive. I've used one on that is basic but very good.

I'll find the exact link and post it.


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