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dupe 04-17-01 06:04 PM

hey bikers,

i'm an aussie who wanted to ride cross country but due to injury my journey was cut short. im fit now but my bike is in the mid-west and im in nyc.
could anyone offer advice on how to ship my bike at a reasonable cost? has anyone dealt with a specific carrier thay had good results with. my bike and accessories weigh less than 27 pounds and i am a little put off by $170+ qoutes i have got. ideally a shipping time of 5 - 10 days would be fine for a reasonable amount.
any response or direction will be appreciated (websites, companies, ideas ....)

god loves those that ride

ljbike 04-17-01 06:53 PM

Have you tried UPS? I've shipped complete bikes from the east coast to the west coast for under $50.00. That, of course, means the bike has to be in a box. The delivery time from the mid-west would be about 5 days. Goof Luck! Hope you didn't get banged up too bad.

dupe 04-17-01 07:02 PM

hi ljbike, thanks for asking. i didnt get banged up but my lower back packed in. all fine now - just keen to ride. will have a look at your suggestion.

cheers ben

mike 04-17-01 09:35 PM

What a coincidence. I was just looking up information on shipping bikes.

Generally, it costs around $35.00 to ship bikes within the USA via UPS.

The following was posted by "Cal" on On March 20 2001.

1) Alway use bike boxes (available for free from your local bike shop)

2) Use 2 boxes per bike. One box to put the bike in and the other for cardboard packing

3) Remove the pedals and seat and wrap them in newspaper and put them in a plasic bag. Tie this bag to the frame.

4) Remove the wheels and the fenders. Then bolt the fenders back on to the wheels.

5) Remove the handlebars and stem, and wrap them in newspaper and place in plastic bag. Tie the bag to the frame.

6) Cut out the bottom of your 'donor' box and place it in the bottom of your 'shipping' box.

7) Cut an end off the donor box, and place it in a l-shape in the bottom of the shipping box.

8) Place the frame into the shipping box, placing the front forks on this l-shaped piece.

9) Cut one big side panel of the donor box and place it inside the shipping box next to the frame.

10) Cut about 20 4" x 4" squares using the narrow side sections of the donor box. Punch a hole in the center of each square. Jam these on the ends of the wheel axles to make sure the axles are covered in cardbaord.

11) Place each wheel/fender combo in the shipping box next to the cardboard you inserted in step 9

12) Cut up the remaining large side panel of the donor box into 12" x 12" and larger squares, and double up the protection at any point where the parts might come in contact with eachother.

13) Use tons of packing tape when sealing up the box. It is cheap and your local Staples store has the best deal on packing tape.

pat5319 04-18-01 11:12 PM

packing and shipping your bike
don't forget to use some type of packing material to keep loose parts ( ie. pedals) from bouncing around during shipping to prevent scratches to your frame

most shops keep spare packing materials, from the bikes shipped to them, around like; foam and paper split tubes for frame protection, fork end braces, hub protectors etc.

they also can do a very good jop of packing and even shipping the bike, via UPS, for you at a reasonable rate

UPS- good!

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