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orguasch 04-17-01 07:03 PM

Your last post was April 11, where are buddy give us a sign are you sick? do you need a professional help or are you just tired of us?

LittleBigMan 04-17-01 08:58 PM

Yes, I personally miss Mr. Fubar5 as a relevant contributor to this forum! I am sure we will hear from him, soon. :thumbup:

fubar5 04-19-01 02:21 PM

All is well my good friends!!! Everything is great actually. Repairs to my Trek are going well, my sister let me have her Univega Alpina 501 for the rest of her semester, and I have been biking 24/7 :cool:
And, best of all, today I found out that I have been accepted for the job I applied for, and I start real soon.I'll be in a bike shop buying the coolest bike my money can buy in a few months.
Me and my buddy are also trying to start a SORBA biking chapter here in my town. Everything is cool with me. My dad has just been hogging the computer.

LittleBigMan 04-19-01 05:57 PM


I figured it had something to do with your computer!


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