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Chris L 04-21-01 03:57 PM

This is for all of the so-called normal people out there:

I am a cyclist plain and simple!

I am NOT obsessive about my weight (not that I need to be).

I am NOT specifically training for some kind of event.

I am NOT "one of those environmental freaks" (although this is a definite side benefit of what I do).

My life is NOT in immediate danger because of what I do.

I will NOT catch some kind of strange unpronounceable disease because I went riding in the rain.

No, I do NOT want to buy your cheap, second-hand, heap of sh*t car.

No, the hills do NOT hurt me.

No, the fact that I enjoy riding hills does NOT mean that I have some kind of strange sexual fetish.

Yes, I DO enjoy riding over 150km in a day

No, the fact that I wear lycra on the aforementioned rides does NOT bring my masculinity into question.

In short, I enjoy riding a bike, is that such a difficult concept? Get over it and/or f*** off!!!


orguasch 04-21-01 05:50 PM

Christ, Okay we, got the message loud and clear, right Buddy and I'll drink to that:beer:

LittleBigMan 04-21-01 06:25 PM


Originally posted by orguasch
Christ, Okay we, got the message loud and clear, right Buddy and I'll drink to that:beer:
Racso (Oscar; Orguasch): I know you like Chris L. (who doesn't, he's a wild man), but "Christ?" Not quite. :)

Oscar 04-21-01 08:27 PM

What's a "rasco". Weird anagram.

LittleBigMan 04-21-01 08:30 PM

Oscar, sorry! I meant Orguasch, also Oscar, aka "Racso."

orguasch 04-22-01 05:37 AM

Racso and its not "Rasco", okay Oscar and I offer you a toast :beer:

Oscar 04-22-01 06:07 PM

Here's some more...

Riding on wet pavement is not dangerous. (That's to my wife)
My saddle is not uncomfortable. (To the lady in the park today)
I'll make it home alive and back tomorrow. (To my boss)
No, my legs are not huge. (To my mom)
Yes, I've got plenty of insurance. (To my dad)
I already knew you were benind me. (To the motorist with the horn)

LittleBigMan 04-22-01 09:10 PM

25 pounds (to the person who keeps asking "how much weight have you lost?)
15 miles (to the person who wants to know how far I have to ride)
65 minutes (to the person who asks how long it takes)
"Yes" (to the person who asks "Did you ride in today?"
"Good for you" (to the one who tells me they I inspired them to take up cycling, too)


riderx 04-23-01 07:28 AM

Great post Chris and I like Ba Dg Er's addition's also.

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