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Padge 12-01-05 09:26 AM

Custom built rack for a RV, or other options?
So we take the kids(4) camping once a month. We currently do not have a rack on our travel trailer, so I've been forced to put the bikes in the camper. But it's very inconvient if you want to stop on the drive and actually use the camper. (Lunches, bathroom, etc.)

So I need a storage solution for six bikes ranging in size from my 5 year-old's bike to mine. I haven't been able to find a six bike rack, but I've been building in my head, two X three-bike racks that would hold the bikes vertically like in this image:

But I want a post mounted rack, not a ladder rack. (Since I don't have one, much less two ladders.)

Before I spend my time and money talking to a local welder, is anyone aware of such a beast?


huhenio 12-01-05 12:17 PM

Two itch boxes, on both sides the RV's rear, with two swingarm itch mounted bike racks.

Both lockable, both dismountable ... or you can even weld the racks to the frame.

Either way, some fabrication will be in order.

Padge 12-01-05 12:48 PM

Are there any hitch mount racks that will hold a bike vertically? I thought that most are designed to hold a bike horizontally due to the heighth issue.

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