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davidmcowan 12-11-05 05:04 PM

I don't understand...
So I have about a $75 Nishiki that I use for commuting and everything. I've been thinking that because I live on the thing that perhaps an upgrade of components or a newer (better?) bike is in order. When I look at new brake systems, deraillers and the sort the prices seem to be more than the cost of my bike! New bikes at Performance in Denver are slashed and some of them are between 2 and 3 hundred for a nice looking bike.

Will someone explain to me why the components cost more than an entire bike? Is this worth it? Should I even bother with a new bike, or will the difference be so noticable that I ought to do it?

SOmeone help me figure this out.

Ngchen 12-11-05 05:53 PM

I'm not familiar with Nishiki, but is there a chance that it is a "low-quality" bike akin to the "junk bikes" that one would find for sale at the various big box stores (like Huffy, for example)? If so, then you should expect a HUGE improvement with a new bike. OTOH, if the bike is of decent quality, then depending on how seasoned a rider you are, further improvements in parts and such would be doable, yet may quickly become pointless due to what economists call diminishing marginal utility. I would suggest going to a LBS and showing them your current bike, and test riding a couple of bikes they have to get a feel for the improvements you're looking for.

MMACH 5 12-11-05 05:56 PM

I'm not the guy to ask about buying a new bike. I ride an '83 Austro-Daimler and an '89 Raleigh. Maybe someday I'll get a new bike, but I really dig my "classics."

Bicycle manufacturers buy all the parts in bulk. Where a shifter costs you $10.00 at the LBS, the bike factory buys 25,000 of them at a time which drops the price to probably something like $1.50.

Thus, the whole bike is cheaper.

2manybikes 12-11-05 06:11 PM

Your bike was more than $75 when it was new. How old is it? Like many things the parts are more expensive than the whole. Building a car that way would have the same problem.

If the Nishiki works why change it? Test ride some new bikes if you think you should. If you have a road bike, an equivalent bike might be $500 or even more.

huhenio 12-11-05 07:11 PM

No need for a new bike .... unless it is falling appart.

Probably what you need is (yes ... I am saying this for the 1,000th time) convert it to fixed gear.

25$ for a cog and you are done

Enjoy your unnecesary parts that breaks.

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