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Chris L 04-24-01 08:57 PM

Folks that's right. My home computer blew up this morning, and I don't have as much Internet time as I'd like left on my university account, so I won't be posting here again for a while :cry:. I can still be contacted by e-mail for those of you without lives, but you'll have to make do without my rants for a while.

Hey! wait a minute, is that a party I can hear starting or what?

Chris (the spanky spam man!)

LittleBigMan 04-24-01 09:05 PM

You'll be back soon enough, Mr. Spanky!

Until then, Mate. :beer:

technogirl 04-24-01 10:04 PM

ah, shucks! :cry:

We didn't even throw you a going away party! We'll have to throw you a "welcome back" party when you get your computer and stuff situated again!

We'll keep posting, but we'll remember and miss your rants! :D

Rich 04-25-01 01:30 AM

Hope to see you logging on again soon mate!!

Spam or no spam...we'll be here!!!


Jean Beetham Smith 04-25-01 05:54 PM

Just think of it as more time for hills.

orguasch 04-25-01 07:33 PM

sorry to hear about your computer getting busted, anywayz hope you keep on riding you're bike, about posting here, You don't have to worry I'll take care of that for you buddy

Buddy Hayden 04-28-01 04:26 AM

cheers Chris,take it easy and we'll catch you sometime soon bloke.. _Buddy

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