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dirtbikedude 10-10-02 12:52 PM

120km ride before race?
Now this is dedication. Having to ride 120km just to get to a race and then compete in that same race.


nathank 10-11-02 03:24 AM

yeah, except why did he ride his road bike? i mean, if he was expecting to ride in the MTB race then why not ride the MTB - it's a little slower - but who wants to borrow a bike for a race?

up until the part where he borrowed a teammate's bike (that then broke) i thought his MTB was in the team Van or something...

so is it just Canada or are lots of North American Universities getting into MTB? i was at Clark U in Massachusetts last year and couldn't even find college guys to ride with (rode with a private bike-shop club for XC and Cyclecross). of course it's pretty small, so maybe other schools have clubs?

fubar5 10-11-02 06:09 AM

There's a guy in my town that rides 40 miles to another town to races in the weekly crits they have.
A few weeks ago he did a 135 mile ride in the morning, then did a 60 mile race that evening. But he was purposekly trying to ride as much as he posibly could because he had just had knee surgery, and had until the physical therapist said he was ok to go back to work. He was putting in 600 miles a week for several weeks in a row!!!

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