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LittleBigMan 04-25-01 05:42 PM

Hi, my name is "Pete," and I'm a BIKE-A-HOLIC.

Yesterday, it was a really stressful day at the office. I guess I should have seen it coming. What with the boss in a bad mood (well, that's normal), clients breathing down our necks...about lunchtime I started
getting some really "not too good" thoughts. I mean, they seemed harmless enough, just a little "flash" here and there of me on my bike, riding...then they got worse. Before you know it, I was in a full-blown fantasy about the ride home. I was no good after that. Fried.

I'd look over at "her" (my bike, parked inside), and just,
well, you know. Anyway (sigh), that's how I lost it, and I mean completely. I guess you know what happened after that. So. I'm "Pete," and I'm a BIKE-A-HOLIC...

aerobat 04-25-01 08:51 PM

I've even been known to take holiday time to get in a longer ride home.
I've been late to work on occasion because of stretching the ride
"just to the next bend/hill/the church", whatever.
I've been late to work even when I didn't ride because of fooling around with the bike at home.
I've been known to read bike mags at work, on breaks of course.
I've been known to read at work, on breaks of course.

Does this mean....I've got it, too?


RainmanP 04-26-01 11:14 AM

I wake up at night and look at the clock hoping it is time to get up and head out.
At work I find myself looking forward to the ride home, thinking, for instance, about making it a long ride home if the headwind isn't too bad.

JonR 04-26-01 02:04 PM

Aerobat, I've done all the interesting things you listed in your post, except the one (we didn't have Internet yet at work, when I was still commuting).

Many times I took holiday time, one or two hours at a time, for riding someplace or other.

Cheryl 04-27-01 07:33 AM

Alright, everyone take a deep breath.

I love being outside, I enjoy a bike ride. But I've yet to meet a woman who expresses any of the sentiments you gentlemen expressed here. I ride with some pretty hard-core riders (of course they ride slower with me) and NONE of them have ever dreamed about their bikes. If there are any out there, please speak up and tell me I'm wrong!!

So, if you feel this kind of passion about your bikes do you understand how the women in your lives feel about shoes????

Pete, are you all better today?

Marcy S 04-27-01 07:44 AM

The only dream I had of my bike was many years ago when I switched to clipless pedals... you can just imagine. :(

I was having a nightmare that I was locked into my clips and could NOT get out. I woke up really scared and not sure if I wanted to keep the new pedals.

Fast forward 6 years....

I haven't regretted it once since my bad dream 6 years ago!!! :thumbup:

fubar5 04-27-01 11:01 AM

There is a lack of women in cycling isn't there? It's ashame really. I think part of it is that inconsiderate guys leave women at home to clean the house or do so called"womens work". Or guys don't think women like the outdoors or competition and so they don't include women. And I think guys have driven women away by being so crazy about sex. This really ticks me off. I can't stand guys who think of women as only toys. I can't express how mad it makes me:irritated. My girlfriend lives in Mississippi, so I can't take her on bike rides. But I am fixing up a bike for my mom so she can bike with me, and whenever my sister comes home from college we go on rides.They aren't as into biking as me, and don't ride as fast, and definetly aren't competitive, but I don't mind slowing down and just riding. It is really peaceful, and some of my most memorable bike rides have been with my mom or my sister.

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