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Mr. Beanz 12-20-05 10:51 PM

Bike Racks?
Which rack looks better on a bike? Small, medium, or large? :D

manual_overide 12-20-05 11:45 PM

I would say a medium rack is about the best. Not too big, not too small.

montana_cyclist 12-22-05 08:59 AM

Hi Mr. Beanz, What are you doing over here?

Mr. Beanz 12-22-05 12:35 PM

Just looking for bike related posts! :D

Even if it's about bike racks! ;)

JBar 12-22-05 12:56 PM

I had been shopping for a bike rack and was looking one over on a car that I had seen a lady park at a lot for our bike trail. I noticed a woman getting out of the car next to it and, feeling like she was questioning why I was standing there without obvious purpose, said, "I just checking out this chick's rack." About that time the owner rolled up on her bike and I said "Hi, I'm just admiring your rack." I'm rarely innocent, but the implication of my choice of words had not occurred to me. It was at that point that I realized that I wasn't making friends among the lady riders, so I sputtered something about needing a rack for my wife's mtn. bike. One of the ladies has since ridden with my wife and I. The other always seems something to admire in the distance when we cross paths.

Sprocket Man 12-22-05 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by JBar
"Hi, I'm just admiring your rack."


Mr. Beanz 12-22-05 05:32 PM

JBAR , you da man! :D

Mentor58 12-22-05 09:22 PM

ROFLMAOSTC That is rich. If it has been me I suspect that once it hit me what I had said I would be incapable of making any more rational statements and been reduced to sputtering in gibberish.

Steve W.
Who often speaks in gibberish.

roadfix 12-22-05 09:33 PM

You'll lose about 5 minutes with a rack on your bike.

Mr. Beanz 12-22-05 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by The Fixer
You'll lose about 5 minutes with a rack on your bike.

If the rack is nice enough, I wouldn't mind losing a couple of hours! :D

Nachoman 12-23-05 08:59 PM

I use a blackburn rack. Same rack since early 1980s. I've been through through many bikes, but always kept the blackburn rack. Last summer, I pedaled to the store and put a case of beer on it! Very utilitarian!

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