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HereNT 12-22-05 04:37 AM

One down
Nice to know the cops are actually doing something sometimes:

Ebay theif using a legit seller who claims not to have known that the bikes were stolen...

oldcrank 12-22-05 01:22 PM

That's some story.

curt in denver 12-22-05 01:29 PM

That along with the other E-Bay scams going on Right now makes E-Bay too risky for me.

DataJunkie 12-22-05 01:43 PM

I saw this last night on 9 news. The guy looks like a real winner.
Kudos also to the victim who kept an eye out on ebay for his\her bike. This person helped break the whole thing wide open.

Walkafire 12-22-05 01:48 PM

He was a busy one fer sure!

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