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woof 12-22-05 09:49 PM

Smallest bike store?
The picture of the Leesburg,Va. bikeshop posted in the "What is a local bike shop? " thread makes me wonder how small a bikeshop can go. I've seen one that was about 500 square feet on the main floor but with additional storage in the basement. How small have you seen a decent, open to the public, storefront type bikeshop be?

oldcrank 12-23-05 06:31 PM

Some "neighborhood" shops in Phila. are just the downstairs of a row home with the room walls knocked out to make an open space. Not sure how many are around like that anymore, but my own LBS was like that.

koine2002 12-23-05 07:06 PM

Do such places qualify to buy from QBP or other suppliers? Typically a traditional storefront is required for them, as well as a sales floor and a clear repair area.

zonatandem 12-23-05 07:26 PM

Joyride Bikes in Logan, Utah, had one of the smallest shops we've been in. Had to be way less than 500 sq. ft. Every day they would move their bikes outside the store so there was room to get around inside! Now, their popularity has grown and they have a real large/nice shop now . . .and their service/knowlege is still A-1!

CB HI 12-23-05 07:59 PM

About 300 sq. ft. and they sell skate board stuff too. Oddly, they have had small parts in stock that larger shops did not have.

610 12-23-05 08:16 PM

so it's safe to say that these stores only carry one brand?

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