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KingTermite 12-28-05 08:17 AM

What's your mileage for 2005?
Ok....2005 is almost at a close now. How did you do for your goal this year?

What's your mileage (or kilometerage) for 2005?

I never set a "goal", but last year was my first year on the bike and I only had about 300 miles for the entire year. This year I did much better with about 1200 miles for the year. Still fairly small compared to what I'd like, but I'm working on it.

DEK 12-28-05 08:24 AM

I had an '05 goal of doubling the 750 miles I did in '04 but didn't make it. I'm at 1,060 right now with no chance to ride anymore this year.

I've decided to not set a specific goal for '06 and just enjoy whatever riding time I do get. I've come to realize there are too many outside factors (family, work, weather, etc.) in my life to be able to set and attain a specific goal.

bbwolfy 12-28-05 09:04 AM

i,m with dek although i did 1000 plus this year and am limited right now in wi. except for a trainer but i,m not gonna count that. in 2006 i will just enjoy my riding may be day tour and let the miles add up and suprise myself.

DCCommuter 12-28-05 09:15 AM

Around 3700 right now. Hope to pad it a bit by the end of the year.

caligurl 12-28-05 09:28 AM

8087 miles as of my ride yesterday.... i have 4 more days of riding this year... weather permitting and body permitting (it's been really tired lately... both on the bike and during my morning workouts!)

cydewaze 12-28-05 09:34 AM

A dismal 1,836 miles for me. I blame the wedding and the U2 tour.

FastFreddy 12-28-05 09:38 AM

About 8k miles for 2005 but I use my bike for most of my transportation. My main commuter bike just turned over its computer (10,000 becomes 0) yesterday that was fun. I didn't have a goal.

tedi k wardhana 12-28-05 09:45 AM

I only had my cyclocomp in april, I guess.
Already had 1800 something kilometres.
Not bad for a beginner, huh?
Only on asphalt.


timmhaan 12-28-05 09:46 AM

about 5,000 give or take. i feel pretty good about that considering i had to take a month off due to injury and eased back into riding with a lot of low mile rides.

EventServices 12-28-05 10:14 AM

I don't keep track of miles, but here's an indication of how much time I spent on the bike in '05: I have distinct tan lines on my legs on December 28th when I haven't worn shorts since mid-September.

Last year, I had tan lines on my back from the outline of my jersey logo!
That means I got a tan THROUGH my jersey.

pinerider 12-28-05 10:15 AM

3500 mostly commuting kilometres so far this year - didn't ride in june due to an affliction, so I guess I did allright - I rode 4000km last year was expecting 5000 this year.

cycle17 12-28-05 10:32 AM

Stopped counting at 2,600 back in September. It's cold here, so I'm just riding a trainer until Spring. I want 3,000 or more for 2006.

Boudicca 12-28-05 10:43 AM

Something over 3,700 km (or 2,300 miles) divided more or less evenly between the commuter (hybrid) and the weekender (road bike). That's the most I have ever done by such a long way I'm not even going to count it. And it's warm enough that I could even be riding in this week, except that I'm no longer in bike mode and am about to try spinning classes so I don't get too horribly unfit during the off season.

Ubie 12-28-05 10:48 AM

Not so hot this year, but a massive inprovement over last year:
300mi commuting (at least that i can document, probably had more, but...)
600mi on the road bike.
since i think i did less than 200mi last year total, i'm calling this a good. with a probable move coming in the spring i haven't set any kind of goal because i don't know my work situation for next year and how it will affect my life (or lack thereof).

free_pizza 12-28-05 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by cydewaze
A dismal 1,836 miles for me. I blame the wedding and the U2 tour.

woah.. dont blame the u2 tour for anything!! i spent 2 of the best nights of my life seeing them in dublin this year.

for me, i think i only put 750km on my bike this year. Most of that was on pavement, i didnt do much trail riding this year.

the lack of mileage was because of back Surgery in Febuary, that really messed me up, and i went on a 3 week binge to Ireland/France this summer.

Next summer, i plan on putting at least 1000km of pure trail riding, and hopefully another 1000k of pavement riding.

RePete 12-28-05 11:53 AM

Gee...from these early replies I do not feel as bad. Rode just under 600 miles. I am accustomed to doing around 1,800...but that was a few years ago. Was forced into an early retirement that really did not provide much and now working two jobs. Did get in a 75 mile charity tour and lead many rides for two local clubs. Guess I can say the miles were all 'quality.'


balto charlie 12-28-05 12:08 PM

I am at 4600 with a few days left might get to 4700. I took 6 weeks off with a broken wrist. Didn't do a single century this year though did get in a nice tour.

lrzipris 12-28-05 01:00 PM

5,180 miles, with a ~40 mile ride planned for 12/31. The only bright spot in a dismal year.

How about the top five riders at, all over 20,000 miles, with the #1 just under 28,000!

LowCel 12-28-05 01:09 PM

I have 3,490 miles in so far between mountain bike and road bike. I'm hoping to get in another 60 - 80 miles before Sunday. My goal for the year was 3,000 miles.

free_pizza 12-28-05 01:28 PM

if there wasnt snow 6 months of the year here, i would get a lot more miles on the bike.

p9group 12-28-05 01:42 PM

1,590 for me in '05. I had a goal of 1,500 so I'm fairly pleased.
My first year, 2004, I managed 801. So I almost doubled that.

2000 will be the mark for me in '06. Work/travel demands
limit anything loftier at the moment.

Paul L. 12-28-05 01:47 PM

Just tipped over 6000 yesterday. Probably end up with 6100. If I hadn't been off the bike 2 months this year due to injury and sickness it would have been 7000. Maybe next year. :)

Walkafire 12-28-05 01:48 PM

2190 miles in 6 months

(June 22nd to present)

Cyclaholic 12-28-05 03:21 PM

12,000km (7,500 miles) ridden this year.

I'm hoping to ride at least 15,000km next year.

velonomad 12-28-05 03:35 PM

from my log:
mileage YTD :5,376.80 (8710 k)
I have rode 141 times
The total amount of time I spent on rides (h/m/s) 393:31:25
My average speed (includes off bike time during rides )13.87mph

I am #371 for those keeping track

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