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MeHT 10-17-02 11:58 AM

Incoming flyers!
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Numero uno. I'll play with the 'Re: Cycle' later. #2 coming up.

Arsbars 10-17-02 12:00 PM

Already told you my opinion :D :D :D fix the font and i'll all game

MeHT 10-17-02 12:19 PM

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cyclochica 10-17-02 12:36 PM

These are awesome. Nice Job

MeHT 10-17-02 12:43 PM

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SipperPhoto 10-17-02 12:44 PM

The first one is great, but I would drop the cheezy "computer" type font at the bottom... other than that it is super cool....

I dig the second one too... where did you get the photos ? Better check on copyrights if you plan to go big with these...

Makes me wanna strap my Nikon on my seatpost and go out shooting this weekend, or maybe my Lomo, or maybe my Holga, or maybe my Pentax 6x7, or maybe one of my Wacky polaroids... damn I really have too many cameras... why do i always have to pick the most expensive things to get into, photography, and bikes ! At least my wife understands the cameras, being a photographer as well... I'm still working on the bike thing !



SipperPhoto 10-17-02 12:45 PM

Ok, I like the new font on the first pic... Nice job !



MeHT 10-17-02 12:53 PM


Originally posted by SipperPhoto
Better check on copyrights if you plan to go big with these...

RonH 10-17-02 12:58 PM

If we're voting I pick #2. :thumbup:

Where is the guy's computer?

Have you forwarded this to Joe???

MeHT 10-17-02 01:01 PM

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MeHT 10-17-02 01:10 PM

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SipperPhoto 10-17-02 01:18 PM


I like that last one


MeHT 10-17-02 01:19 PM

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MeHT 10-17-02 01:31 PM

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MeHT 10-17-02 01:40 PM

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MeHT 10-17-02 01:55 PM

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MeHT 10-17-02 01:56 PM

That's it for now, I need a break.

Arsbars 10-17-02 02:33 PM

I helped with the sign one :) Go biking MeHT!!!

RollingGeek 10-17-02 03:07 PM


I am digging in late -- are these all suggestions, pick your own as you wish or are we looking for a standard brochure ?

I dig the redwood one, and the road signs are great. The signs may actually be the best of the bunch, IMHO, they are recognizable signs, have instant affinity for cycllists, and deliver the message very clearly. They also appeal to the borad spectrum of cyclists.

Any copyright issues to skirt ? I would love to get some printed professionally and wander to some local bike shops.

SipperPhoto 10-17-02 03:12 PM

Hey Meht....

Those look great... I wish I had more time to do that kinda stuff at work ! instead, I just slave away working in photoshop making images for my company's online catalog... not too creative... Keep on Going !!


MeHT 10-17-02 03:19 PM

The photos on the first too flyers are copyrighted, the others are royaltee free.

VegasCyclist 10-17-02 03:46 PM

again some wonderful work with photoshop MeHT well done :beer:

as for copyright, it is a very simple law, you do not have to register work for it to be copyrighted, if you created an original work (such as flyers) it is protected by the copyright law, someone cannot use your work for another purpose other then what you inteneded. now the chances of that happening with your flyers are rare, but if you used someones photos in creating you might want to accredit the photographer, other then that you can put the copyright logo and stuff on there without worrying as long as you are giving your work to bike forums.

MeHT 10-17-02 06:58 PM

A wallpaper spin-off:

Joe Gardner 10-17-02 07:36 PM

Good work, Just changed that to my current wallpaper at work.

threadend 10-18-02 06:04 AM

Nice job MeHT, if we're voting, I like the roadie and the high five jumpers. If we're not voting, I like the roadie and the high five jumpers.

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