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RollingGeek 10-21-02 06:38 AM

Anyone from Columbus,OH ?
What is the cycling scene like around Columbus, OH ?

Any nice long Rail/Trails ? Active cycling scene or dead ?

Steele-Bike 10-21-02 07:32 AM

I was born in Columbus, but moved when I was 1 years old, so I don't recall doing much cycling. However, I do remember the stroller scene to be a happening one. :D

RollingGeek 10-21-02 07:35 AM

LOL - my two year old will appreciate that :)

I am seeing a few job offers from that area, and while cycling is not a deal breaker, I am just curious......

WaltH 10-21-02 09:17 AM

I recently moved to Florida from Cincy. I bike in Columbus a few times and it's a very bike-friendly city. Good paths as well as good roads. I would also ride in the yearly 50 miler to benefit the Columbus Zoo. They block the streets off and have rest stops setup with food and drink. You get a shirt, admission to the zoo, and a great ride for 20 bucks. And the zoo gets the proceeds.

Ohio is a great place to live as long as you don't mind the cold.

Good luck.

Trekaholic 10-25-02 04:02 PM

I lived in Pickerington on the SE side of Columbus for a while.

Recently I went back there and could not believe how congested it has become. I'd only ride there now with a death wish.

detrieux 10-25-02 06:43 PM

I visited Columbus this week. Was walking about 20 minutes tops and saw 2 bikers on the main streets and one bike messenger. When I have stayed up there have been surprised by the number of cyclists. I have not cycled there myself since 1974 when I moved. It probably depends on where you live and where you need to ride.

velonut 10-26-02 05:56 PM

I live up in NE Ohio about 3 1/2 hours from Columbus so I am no expert. However, a month or so ago I went to Xenia which is a hub of several long bike trails leading in all directions. Xenia is only an hour at most from Columbus. One of the trails heads toward Columbus and really isn't far from making the connection. I can't say enough about the marvelous trail system being developed in SW Ohio. One piece of advice: Stay away from Springfield, it is an armpit.

lovemyswift 10-26-02 06:09 PM

And that trail from Xenia extends 50mi south to Milford which is a suburb of Cincinnati.
Labor Day weekend there is a ride called the Ox Roast. It in the Columbus area. The terrain is mostly flat. I did my first century there.
There are also many good rides in Kentucky and Indiana that are reasonable driving distances.

stumpjumper 10-29-02 08:44 AM

regarding sw ohio (yes, I know, not Columbus...).. check out

Lots and lots of bikeways and country roads to ride on in Dayton!

Also check out (click the 'trails' link) for a huge mtb resource in ohio as well as

RollingGeek 10-29-02 01:08 PM

Thanks for all the feedback - too bad i got no love from the recruiter on that one :(

Oh well, I keep seeing opportunities in Columbus, OH, so I will keep this thread handy.

Thanks Again !!!

wabbit 10-29-02 07:10 PM

I know Columbus as being James Thurber's home town! Never been there, though but I hear it's a nice city.

Does anyone know if the house he grew up in is still there?

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