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N_C 10-21-02 01:48 PM

Communication device.
Where can I find a communication device so I can talk to my wife when we are both riding and one of us gets ahead fo the other? Or if the wind os blowing to hard for us to hear each other. I know they have them for motorcycle riders and they are "worn" under the helmet. I also think I saw something similar while watching the TDF. So where can these commuication devices be purchased? And what are they called? Brand name, etc? Is there a website link?

a2psyklnut 10-21-02 01:56 PM

There are simply two way radios. You can buy some inexpensive one's at Wal-Mart. They have some that are hands free and even have Voice Activated Response (or something like that!). Radio Shack also sells some. Most have a 2 mile range, and do not need to be registered with the FCC. The more expensive models need the registration and have a wider range. I haven't personally used any, but I contemplate it every time I plan a road trip. These radios are also good if you are caravaning with friends, "Hey, rest stop at mile X".


D*Alex 10-21-02 02:50 PM

I speak some ASL (American Sign Language), and occasionally ride with a deaf rider as part of a group. We use a few easy (1 handed) words or fingerspell short words to communicate while riding.

Ecco-Bike 10-21-02 07:15 PM

here is what i do. just adapt it to the FRS radio world.


btw, voice activated (vox) can be a real pita, unless it gets adjusted just right. i have some experience using vox in airplanes and stationary ham systems. great if you can "nail" the adjustment.

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