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jrw 01-08-06 07:58 PM

Newbie pain right inside thigh/groin area
My wife and I just started riding. She has a trek navagstor 200 with a wide seat; I have a treck 7200 normal seat. My wife gets a pain on her right inside thigh area she thinks tendon, after about a mile of riding. The pain goes away almost instantly when she stops; then, when she starts again the pain increases until she has to stop. The pain is worse on the doward stroke. I have adjusted the seat up and down no help. We switched bikes and it went away for about a half mile the started again. The pain occured both times she rode. The above discription occured during our last(her second) ride and she could go no further.

I do not want her to give up so any help would be great.


chipcom 01-08-06 09:13 PM

It may be a tendon. It can be caused by trying to ride in too high of a gear or from the seat being too high. Once you pull a tendon, adjusting the bike isn't going to fix it, it needs to be rested and healed. Have her take some ibuprofen and ice it down, relaxing for a few days. When you get her back on the bike, make sure she is in a low gear so she can pedal easily, and show her how to shift so she can always pedal easily - say at 60 rpms - and ensure her seat is adjusted right...both height and fore/aft. Rule of thumb to start:

With the pedal at the six o'clock (down) position, with her seated on the bike and her heel on the pedal, her leg should be fully extended.

With the pedal at the 3 o'clock position (forward), with her seated on the bike and her foot in her normal position on the pedal, the bone just below her kneecap should be aligned with the pedal spindle. (you can use a washer and piece of string like a plumb-bob to check this)

These are just rules of thumb, a starting point - and I am not a doctor!

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