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Mentor58 01-09-06 04:56 PM

Good Crocheted Gloves
Hey Gang,

Does anybody know who sells good quality crochet backed gloves. I tried the "bell' brand, found that the padding destructed on the second ride, and the way the velcro tab was made (inside of wrist) it scratched at me.

I know, lycra is the material of choice, but in some ways I'm a bit of a curmudgeon, or perhaps a retro-grouch. I love a lot of the new stuff, but there was just something about those old gloves.

Are Nashbars any good? Any other suggestions?

Steve W.

pkgman 01-09-06 05:03 PM

I didn't like the Nashbar gloves, but the Performance gloves seem to have more padding. I have severl pairs of the Performance gloves. Sometimes you can get them on sale for $5.95, a great deal.

Louis 01-09-06 05:13 PM

I've been using the Nashbar crochet gloves for years with good results. They're perpetually on sale for around $10.

Never tried the Performance gloves.

Bekologist 01-09-06 06:38 PM

Those Performance red, white, and blue ones are pretty good value. Trek made a nice classic pair the last couple of years, a natural yarn, brown leather variety. I'm liking them.

All gloves seem to only last a season or two before they're toast, I think of them like brake pads or tires in longevity, and replace as required.

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