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squire 01-10-06 09:22 AM

Making myself a stronger rider
My left leg is stronger than my right and I have found if I count RPM's with my right foot, that after the ride my right leg can really feel the workout. I quess I am just a lazy cyclist.

Mr. Beanz 01-10-06 05:55 PM

Some riders do one legged drills. Get on a trainer and pedal one leg at a time. They say you will build strength in your lacking leg. I never do them but others swear by them. But then again, I'm not that good!:D

I'va also read somewhere, and I do practice this, that it is good to switch your exhale from leg to leg. When I train riding up long hills, I exhale so many times on the right stroke, then the left.

The author of this article says that because you exhert more enrgy and force when you exhale, it is good to switch in order to balance the force from leg to leg in order to avoid injuries. Also, it will build up your lacking legs stroke. He called it "switch breathing". I've mentioned it to some but they call jus think I'm a nut!

I do notice an increase in speed when I concentrate on applying the method while riding. I usually do this while climbing. Maybe it is nuts, but helps me concentrate!

Maybe since your were counting rpm's on the same leg, you were exherting more force off that one leg?..think about it!:D

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