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FotoSpark 01-11-06 05:18 PM

Anyone Know Who Makes Saturn Roof Racks?
Does anyone know who makes Saturn roof racks? Not a rack that works with a Saturn, but the actual rack that Saturn sells. I believe they are Saris racks that just have the name Saturn on them, but want to make sure. Reason being is they sell a ski carrier that holds 1/2 snowboards for $100. But online I can find the Saris one that holds up to 4 snowboards, and just want to make sure it's the same thing with just a different name on it. The guy at the parts dept told me he didn't know.

Saris Ski Rack:
Saris Load Bars:

Unfortunately I can't find a picture of my saturn's roof rack online. I have a 2000 L Series though, and I'm hoping someone just knows somehow. This is all I could find, but it's not too much help:

Thanks for any help

DieselDan 01-11-06 07:32 PM

I believe Thule supplies GM. I know Yakima supplies Ford.

FotoSpark 01-11-06 08:29 PM

It's deffinitely not Thule. I have a Thule rack from my old car. The bar system looks just like a Saris that I had seen. I just don't have them both next to each other to check. It's deffinitely very very similar to Saris, but don't know if it could be slightly different making Saris components not fit.

roadrasher 01-12-06 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by FotoSpark
Does anyone know who makes Saturn roof racks?

I can't speak for your model but, I have a 2003 ION and for my car I know for a fact it's SportRack that made the rack. I had the dealership install the factory rails( The ION has that cheesy plastic bit around the window wells) but decided against buying any bike or ski racks as they were way too expensive. I went to a couple of specialty rack installers and found the exact same rack as Saturns for way less money,something like 50%.
The installer told me that Sportrack made the Saturn rails but dont make them available to the aftermarket guys for at least a year, I don't know if thats true or not.

Good luck.


landstander 01-12-06 01:12 PM

Back in '99 they were made by Saris. No idea whether or not that's still the case...

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