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MattP. 01-11-06 08:00 PM

Car rentals in Europe?
Hey all,

My parents are planning a trip to Europe next Christmas break and I am dead set on bringing my bike. They are not sure where yet, probably somewhere southern cause they don't want to be cold :) When I travel w/ my bike I use my Performance hard shell bike case. And anyone who has seen it knows its not that small. My dilemna is, how would I get my bike from the airport to hotel or where ever we stay? We are a family of 5 and I know that the cars in Europe are pretty small, so I don't think that having the bike case inside the car would be a possibility. So I was thinking if there are any car companies that anyone has used that have roof racks where I could tie down the bike case? Also, my parents (I think) would want to rent a car or wagon not some expensive SUV :)

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)


icithecat 01-11-06 10:48 PM

Look into Renault Espace. A European 'minivan'. Many Americans travel with golf clubs and end up with this sort of vehicle.
Or start with 'autoeurope', a rental consolidator, move on to type of vehicle and then cross reference to manufacturers websites for interior dimensions.

Guest 01-11-06 11:41 PM

Take Eurorail. Get a pass and ride ride ride. It's cheaper, a lot of times faster, and very convenient.


khuon 01-11-06 11:56 PM

Many car rental companies also rent out bike racks, ski racks, rooftop carriers, etc for their cars. What country will you start and return from?

Travelinguyrt 01-12-06 07:23 AM

HEYYYY Europe and Europeans aren't all that backwards ya' know?
Everything we have in the Ole US of A is available there
Cars are smaller streets narrower, gas MUCH higher but the folks smile and are helpful when you smile too

If you use the trains make sure you get on the right one and don't wait around when it hooks into the station they sometimes only are stopped for 3-5 minutes then ZOOM they GO

Boudicca 01-12-06 09:08 PM

Ride the bike from the airport to the hotel, or do a combination of ride and train if it's too far to ride. Check the case into the left-luggage at the airport for a day and come back with an empty car the next day to pick up the case. On the return journey repeat the procedure in reverse.

PS Where in Europe? Large parts of Europe would not be particularly condusive to biking over Christmas break -- just too cold and snowy for one thing.

eubi 01-12-06 10:16 PM

I rented an Opel wagon when I was in Germany. Putting the bike in the back may be a stretch. Roof would be OK.

It was a decent little car.

khuon 01-12-06 10:46 PM

I think some of you are forgetting this fact...


Originally Posted by MattP.
My parents are planning a trip to Europe next Christmas break and I am dead set on bringing my bike.

It's likely that the parents are not cyclists.

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