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andrewchng 01-13-06 08:21 PM

Front D 28.6mm 31.8mm and 34.9mm
Hi, I wish to know how are these numbers derived?

Wil Davis 01-13-06 08:25 PM

The numbers refer to the diameter (in mm) of the seat tube to which the clamp is attached. Is that the information you were looking for?

- Wil

Nubie 01-13-06 09:20 PM

Check the spec sheet for your bike, if you have it. If not, do what I did - take a piece of string and wrap it around your seat tube to find out the circumference (in mm). Divide the circumference by 3.14. Voila!

Cirumference = 2 x r x pi = diameter x pi

(And yes, I am a big dork)

andrewchng 01-14-06 02:27 AM

yes it is. thanks alot.. :) now i know... :)

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