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2mtr 01-14-06 05:52 AM

i met my hero today
i met this guy today:
and to think, i didn't even know he existed in the first place.
it was so odd, come to think of it. i was doing interviews for an article i was writing for the college rag, when i see this guy on an odd looking bike. so i run up some stairs cyclocross style with my surly on my shoulder, and ask him if he's got a few minutes for an interview on utility cycling. he laughs. i think he's a professor, or at least a grad student. but he goes "wait till you hear what i do for a living..."
it was great. i should have asked him to a beer or something, but there was a hot chick locking up her giant cypress next door, and i needed to "interview" her as well.

kingsfan4life 01-14-06 05:34 PM


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