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backinthesaddle 01-14-06 01:00 PM

Does any else still miss their stolen bike?
this is a wayback story. In 1967 I bought a Frejus (Italian frame), full campy, Columbus tubing, chromed frame. Loved that bike. In 1972 while staying at a friend's apartment for a week, I foolishly kept the bike in the trunk of my car because of limited apartment space. After a couple of days, the car was gone, the bike was gone. I ultimately recovered the car, but never recovered the bike. To this day I still think of it.

I've bought several bikes since then, most recently last year. Sure there are better bikes out there today (including my most recent acquisition) both in quality of components and framebuild, but that was one sweet looking and riding bike, I had lots of fine rides on it, and to this day I still miss it.

Any one else who hasn't quite let go of a bike that vanished overnight?

FastFreddy 01-14-06 01:49 PM

I had two Cannondale mountain bikes built as commuter bikes stolen one in 2002 and the other in 2003. The second one was the nicest commuter bike Ive ever seen Im convinced that that was its downfall it looked too good. I wont make that mistake again. You cant use a good-looking bike as a commuter and leave it locked up routinely in a city like Atlanta it will get pinched its only a matter of time.

Yes, I miss them.

shoerhino 01-14-06 02:30 PM

My first bike that I used almost daily was GT Rebound. It was stolen in the basement of an apartment building that I lived in, even though it was locked up. Now, it wasn't exactly the best bike I've owned but for some reason, I still think about how cool it would be to have one again.

I think a first bike is like a first car. There's some attachment there and I'm sure I'm sure I'd still have it if it was not stolen.


mcoine 01-14-06 02:34 PM

My almost new Ross snapper bmx bike was stolen when I was like 8. I left it in the front yard and I was sick so I couldn't go outside to bring it in. In the morning it was gone.

rfctx 01-14-06 02:41 PM

Mine was a Motobecane Grand Jubilee .. Lost it to some slime(s) at a Washington D.C. storage facility. When I opened my storage unit door, to load up my belongings, they got my SCUBA equipment as well. It has been a long time ago and it still angers me!

SteveFox 01-14-06 03:21 PM

My first bike didnt get stolen, but someone went out of thier way to drive onto the sidewalk, and over a lawn to run it over a few times while it was locked to a post...and then they took the chain lock that was on it...i still dont get that...i was right pissed off too, cause it was the first time id ridden it to school after a year oif not being allowed to ride in town...Im over it now, cause even though it was my first real bike, it was kinda like an '88 car or this case it was from not the best bnike in the world, by new ones however are like my first sports car(trek 520) and my first 4x4(giant iguana) they are my babies....if they got stolen id cry lol


jyossarian 01-14-06 03:44 PM

Nah, it was like a 45lb POS mtb. Not worth missing.

telenick 01-14-06 03:59 PM

I still miss my 10th anniversary Fat Chance MTB. What did I do? I locked it in the car for safer keeping, so the thief broke the window and made away with my bike.

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