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TheRCF 01-16-06 07:14 PM

Around the world!
I just passed the 24,902 mile mark today - the most exact distance I could find for the circumference of the Earth - after starting to ride back on Feb 24, 2002 (1422 days).

Never thought I would have done such a thing in a decade when I started, let alone in less than 4 years.

By Thursday, I'll pass 25,000 miles.


Cyclaholic 01-16-06 08:21 PM

...and just like a lap of the earth, here you are on bf right back to where you first started :D :p

Congrats on your first 'lap' :)

Nick Gapen 01-16-06 08:50 PM

Holy Cow Batman, that's a lot of mileage. Congratulations on you accomplishment.

huhenio 01-17-06 05:41 AM

you should start your own club.

edp773 01-17-06 05:55 PM

One lap down. Are you going for four?

Congrats on the accomplishment!

TheRCF 01-17-06 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by edp773
One lap down. Are you going for four?

Congrats on the accomplishment!

Well, maybe I'll get four. I mean, I'm almost 57 so at the rate I did the first lap, I'd be 69 (almost 4 years for one lap). Don't know what kind of health I'll be in by then, but on the plus side, I'm putting miles on faster now.

My daily average, including rest days and vacations, is presently 17.54 miles, but starting Jan 1st this year, I'm averaging 32.41! That would cut down the time needed a lot.

Of course, four laps plus 392 miles is 100,000 miles! That definitely sounds cool!

Don't think I'll live long enough to do a million though!

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