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Dang 01-16-06 10:08 PM

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I have other passions besides cycling you know. And one of those is metal detecting. Usually I'm a cager when I go detecting but yesterday my bike ride took me to a old area where a pal and I use to go detecting and ride our MTN bikes. We called it the Marsh. But something horrible happened at the Ol' Marsh. Progress some call it. The old marsh now has a CostCo built over it, and a new sub division.
Well our bike ride took us to the Marsh for the first time in a bout 2 years. To our surprise we saw that a a small area of the Marsh was still untouched by the bull dozers. Also, we know that this area once was the spot for a old farm home that burnt down in the 50's. But because of the over growth, metal detecting there was next to impossile. Also to our surprise we saw that this area resently had a fire. And now the ground is detectable for all the over growth is gone. So yy buddy rides back to his house and grabs his metal detector and well, to be honest we really didn't need it for just look what we found just on the surface......

kingsfan4life 01-17-06 05:28 PM

that's neat

my bike place was swallowed up by a wal-mart

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