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danfman 01-17-06 12:27 PM

I was recently shopping online for a heart rate monitor. The typical one runs from 30-90 bucks. But the ones recommended for biking were like 200-300. I couldn't find what the difference was. Does anyone know? Has anyone purchased one they would recommend or not recommend?

Fastfwd 01-17-06 01:00 PM

I have the Polar CS200. It works great and the only thing that I find missing is the ability to have a training with multiple zones. You can entre a min and max for only one zone. So if you are doing intervals you have to keep track of bpm and time by yourself.

But it was cheaper than the cycling watch and I needed a cycle computer anyway.

danfman 01-17-06 01:33 PM

Yeah I just needed something for the basic functions. I had heard in the past of problems of the watch losing a signal. Whether the root cause was the monitor losing contact with the skin surface or transmit/receiver communication problems.

I basically wanted to know if the expensive bike ones were specially designed so there wasnt a communication problem or if it just had a bunch of fancy features Id never use.

Fastfwd 01-17-06 01:50 PM

I never had a communication problem yet. I put some water on the belt before putting it on and then it stays damp from perspiration while I exercice.

SpongeDad 01-17-06 03:00 PM

I received a Polar 725 for Christmas a few years ago. Nice HRM, but expensive. Measures HR, speed, distance, altitude, all of which can be downloaded to a PC.

Also has programmable "zones" for training but I haven't figured that or some of the other features out yet.

Can add a cadence unit ($40) or a power unit (includes cadence unit, about $300).

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