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Daily Commute 01-20-06 03:07 AM

Performance Bike, Good Customer Service
There are enough anti-online-bike-store rants here that I thought I'd put this positive one. I recently made a big order through Performance and used the 2-day Team Perfomance FedEx shipping. On the second day, it hadn't arrived. FedEx said that they had put it on the wrong truck and that they were willing to refund the shipping costs to Performance. I e-mailed Performance to ask them to refund my shipping costs.

The next morning, the tracking still did not look right, so I called FedEx again. The new rep said that the reason the package was put on the wrong truck was that they had the wrong zip code which was, ahem, my fault. Oops. Thankfully, my first e-mail was polite.

I e-mailed Performance again saying that I messed up the shipping so I couldn't ask them for a refund. They had made one minor mistake that will slightly delay delivery (telling FedEx that my work address was "home delivery"), but given my big mistake, I didn't ask for a refund for their little mistake.

They still gave me $4.00 of my $11.00 shipping back in store credit "for my inconvenience."

As I've said when people rant against an online store, give the store a chance to make things right. Every bike company I've dealt with has dealt fairly with their mistakes. Now, one has dealt fairly with my mistake.

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