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Dirtgrinder 10-29-02 11:28 PM

Props to Giro!
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I bought a 2001 E2 in July from Pricepoint for 80 bucks. The small velcro fasteners of the Roc-Loc kept slipping and the helmet kept sliding down on my forehead. I'd decided that was enough, and was going to write Giro about it. And wouldn't you know, the next time I rode was in a race and it was slipping down again and I hit a very large overhanging branch. Broke the top of the E2 in several places. So I sent it back to Giro, hoping for the best but not really expecting anything.
FedEx arrived today with a 2003 Limited Edition E2! I was ecstatic! It's a beauty! Can't say enough about Giro. :)

Altwegg 10-30-02 12:54 AM

dude! that is sweet!

Rich 10-30-02 06:54 AM

I've tried all sorts of lids, and must say that Giro is my favourite :D

I swear by mine


Bokkie 10-30-02 08:35 AM

Great result dirtgrinder.

The skin on my Giro came loose and I stuck it back on with glue. Not such a good idea considering what glue does to the lid itself.

I'd always wondered whether Giro should be contacted about it, but the lid itself is about 4 years old and I don't think UK companies are as consumer oriented as the ones you deal with in the US.:(

kewlrunningz 11-01-02 05:39 PM

I have a 2001 E2 also. The only difference is I got mine for $55. :D \
I think that Limited Edition is defidently worth the $80 bucks though!
Giro is the best.

Dannihilator 11-02-02 04:57 PM

Sweet helmet!

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