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N_C 11-03-02 01:03 PM

A Tandem at Wal-Mart.
Wife and I went to our newly opened Wal-Mart Supercenter last night, (is only been open for a month, and its the first one in town). I always like to go to the bike dept. to check things out, etc, compare them to LBS's and so forth. We saw a tandem hanging on the rack. Couldn't believe it.

Didn't get it down or anything but the price was about $270 I think. Unless the bike or the price tag was misplaced. I think the brand name was Kent or something like that and it has Shimano parts on it. The saddles are the soft cushy style with the big springs under them. The handle bars are the "old style"' cruiser type.

We had never seen one at a Wal-Mart before. I guess for someone who is not going to do that much riding it will be perfect. My wife and I would rather have a Vision R82 Tandem though. The day I see a recumbent at Wal-Mart, then I will have seen everything.

Anyone else seen a recumbent or a tandem at their local 'Mart type or discount store?

KleinMp99 11-03-02 01:41 PM

I went to kent's website but couldent find a tendem. But I did find a bike called the "Rock Blaster"

-High-quality Shimano 21-speed index makes it easy to ride a variety of grades and terrains
-Alloy rims, alloy front suspension and aluminum frame minimize and maximize strength
-Quick release seat can be adjusted for a perfect fit without using tools

There you go, a bike with a frame, rims, and fork that not only maximize strength.....but minimize it at the same time!! Now....what part does what?

N_C 11-03-02 01:50 PM

I can't be sure about the brand name. It was not that easy to read it because of the lightening and the colors of the decal and frame. And I didn't want to pull the bike out to take a closer look. Maybe I should to verify whether or not it is a Kent.

mechBgon 11-03-02 05:56 PM


Originally posted by N_C
I guess for someone who is not going to do that much riding it will be perfect.
Friend, I take exception with this. :) Combine the dismal quality of a 'mart bike with the slapdash assembly by a paid-by-the-piece assembler, and compound it by making it a tandem, probably with a cheapie idler-type transfer-chain tensioner instead of an eccentric front BB shell, and you have...? Yes. A recipe for an accident.

Sorry if I sound negative, but the thought of a Wal-Mart-built tandem alarms me :eek:

bentbaggerlen 11-03-02 06:42 PM

Wal-Mart and bikes.... How do you know when you hit rock bottom in the bike biz? When your bikes fill the racks at wally world....

Schwinn bikes are now sold at wally world... not the same bikes that shops sold just a few years ago, but a much lower quality bike. Its sad to see.

I like to check out the bike section at department stores. Its always fun to see what new ways have been found to screw up something so simple. I have seen forks put on backwards, brake levers that shifted the rear, headsets without bearings. If theres a way to screw it up....

I worked at Toys-R-Us as a bike assembler, for there X-mass rush. Some of the things I saw made me cringe... They must have
some high priced lawers. If a bike shop sent bikes out like that there would have law suits up the wazoo! When they found out knew bikes I was made the "head assembler"(I pointed out unsafe bikes to the manger). I had to check over each of the bikes built by the assemblers. If the bikes did not pass a basic safey inspection they got sent back to be done right. Minimum wage and 3 bucks per bike! Wahoo! No, I did not get rich, but it was fun. It was worth it just for the after X-mass party. You think shopping is bad around the holidays? Try working in a toy store... Oh and if your a dad with a daughter DO NOT! Get her the Barbie Dream House!

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