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Alexey 11-08-02 11:05 PM

New article about cycling on CNN.

It is nice, that articles about cycling appear on CNN.

This one is nice. However the writing style is not completely to my taste. A bit too sweet.

I would also like to see an ISBN number of a bicycle map or guide they used on this tour. And more information about camping sites locations.

As far as I understood they cycled on roads. But it is not described explicitly. Was there a trail too? It is not clear.

When on a bicycle tour I like to visit museums on the way. No info on this either :(

cycletourist 11-08-02 11:37 PM

I like stopping at museums, too. Most of them have air conditioning :-)

bac 11-08-02 11:50 PM

:) :) :)

aerobat 11-09-02 12:05 AM

I thought it was a great article. I shows how cycle touring seems to bring out the best in people, both the cyclists and the people who meet them along the way, something I'd like to experience for myself someday.

cyclochica 11-09-02 08:42 AM

I'm so inspired by that article. I know how I want to spend my free time when I head to Europe to study in 2004. In the mean time I'll practice by trying to see as much of the States as I can by bike. Awesome article.

Da Tinker 11-09-02 10:03 AM

Bravo for CNN. More exposure may lead to more converts.

I like the comment about a tandem being a 'divorce machine'. I prefer to refer to them as a relationship accelerator. Wherever your relationship is going, it will get there faster on a tandem.

Now if I can just get my wife to ride one with me..........

mike 11-09-02 09:43 PM

The bicycle trips I have had in Europe support the wildly romantic and wonderful experience shared in the CNN article.

If you have not bicycled in Europe, I encourage you to do so.

I speak some German, and of course English, but I don't speak French. Language was never a problem with just English.

The only time I really needed to speak a foreign language was with some Chinese people in Germany! Fortunately I speak enough Chinese to have secured room and dinner on one very rainy and cold night in a town where the only thing open was a Chinese resturaunt.

The point is that although speaking the local language is always advantageous, it isn't manditory for travel in Europe. I travel often by myself and always get along fine.

Everybody who bikes through Europe comes home with great stories. Europe is simply a fantastic place to tour by bicycle. Those people who travel by motor-car, bus, and plane are really robbing themselves of the best of European vacationing.

Alexey 11-10-02 11:52 AM


Originally posted by mike
...The point is that although speaking the local language is always advantageous, it isn't manditory for travel in Europe.

I agree with many of your ideas. Regarding language I would add that though English is almost always enough, it is a good idea to learn one or two European languages.

Knowing language and culture will open blinders. Besides when you really need it, you need it badly.

For example, it is a banditry to travel in Germany or Ausrtia and miss Wurstsemmel. But first one has to know what it is about.

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