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TarmacRider 02-14-06 10:09 AM

Shoe Sizing
I'm watching a pair of shoes on e-bay, thinking about buying them.

They are sized as 47. I generally where a size 12.5 and some of my previous cycling shoes are 46, they were a little snug.

From the conversion charts I've looked at it seems I'm somewhere between a 46 and a 47.

Anyone think the 47's will be too large**********


Totoro 02-14-06 10:11 AM

If you are going to buy online, make sure you buy from a place that allows you to return the shoes. That way, the most you can lose is the shipping.

alanbikehouston 02-14-06 04:16 PM

Every cycling shoe I've put on ran small, and I have narrow feet. I wear a "10 C" in a street shoe. If I buy a cycling shoe, I look on the conversion chart for something that equals an 11. And, even then, by the end of two or three hours of riding, they feel tight.

ken cummings 02-14-06 04:38 PM

Originally Posted by TarmacRider

Anyone think the 47's will be too large**********


I would bet they would be too small. In Akron, in the winter, you need room for thicker soxs and in the summer heat can make you feet swell. For the next poster of course they are tight after 3 hours exercise makes your feet swell. Reset the straps/laces and keep going. Some cycling shoes are made narrower than regular shoes for the same size. Something about tight shoes making for more efficient power transfer. Works for profesional dancers too. I have mild circulation problems so I buy sport shoes a size larger than office shoes.

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