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AlphaGeek 11-12-02 01:01 PM

Murphy's Laws of Cycling (Add Yours)
If there are two cars on the road with a cyclist...the cars will pass each other at the precise moment the cyclist is adjacent to both of them! :confused:

MadCat 11-12-02 01:13 PM

Flat tires only happen when the spare tube or patch kit is at home.

Spire 11-12-02 01:13 PM

Rims only go out of true on that one beautiful day after weeks of crappy weather!

a2psyklnut 11-12-02 01:14 PM

"The further away from the trail head the more critical the part is that breaks."

"The more you anticipate the upcoming weekends ride, the more likely the chance of bad weather."

"The furthest from home you go to start your ride, the more likely the chance of forgetting your shoes."

"When you give away you last tube to a fellow cyclist, you are guaranteed to get a flat!"

"The more time you wait to perform a pre-race tune-up, the more likely you will forget to tighten a critical bolt!"

"The bigger the group, the more spectacular the crash!"

I'll think of some more!


RegularGuy 11-12-02 01:17 PM

When a cyclist begins a ride into the wind, the wind will switch direction by 180 degrees by the midpoint of the ride.

Sailguy 11-12-02 01:21 PM

You feel at the top of your game, your body feels great, you can take on the world. You proceed to hit every red light for 20 miles.

a2psyklnut 11-12-02 01:25 PM

The harder you train, the more likely you’ll catch a cold the week before the race.

The day after you order something via mail-order, something else will break.

You will crash the first time you wear a new jersey!


bac 11-12-02 01:28 PM

When you finally buy a road bike with money that you've saved for years ... your knee goes out and screws the bulk of your riding season, and who knows how much more of your life.

Then (oh, there's more!), you get stuck in the alphabet soup, red-tape laden world of HMO's, PCP's, NP's, RN's, MRI's, PT, DR's and a host of other health-care/insurance related MFrs.

Sorry, I got of track. What was the question again? :mad:

lotek 11-12-02 02:16 PM

Those old hubs that you finally sold for 10 bucks at
a yard sale turn out to be 1950's maxicar hubs that sell
on e-bay for $500.00 or 600.00 NOS.


Dwagenheim 11-12-02 02:26 PM

The farther away from your propped up bike you get, the more likely it is to fall over.

Flats come at the most inconvenient times.

Nice wide shoulders don't exist where you need them the most.

At the end of a day of riding and trying to find a camp spot, when you finally settle on an uncomfortable spot because you've had enough, the next morning you will pas the perfect camp spot. If only you would have kept going a little farther.


RegularGuy 11-12-02 02:52 PM

At the end of a group ride, no two cyclocomputers will register the same distance.

webist 11-12-02 03:01 PM

When you gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, the nearest litterbox will be inside the mall and you won't have your bike lock with you.

D*Alex 11-12-02 03:37 PM

You only need to go really bad the day that you are wearing bib shorts.

Raiyn 11-12-02 05:17 PM

" Ya know I've never had a problem with that component ever! What the......"

Andy Dreisch 11-12-02 05:46 PM

There's invariably a stop sign/stop light at the bottom of a nice downhill.

Dannihilator 11-12-02 06:08 PM

When you dress to keep cars from hitting you, a car will hit you.

bentbaggerlen 11-12-02 06:39 PM

If a spoke fails, it will be on the drive side....

danr 11-12-02 07:02 PM

The more you have to go to the bathroom, the faster you ride.:eek:

Andy Dreisch 11-12-02 07:12 PM

There is a direct correlation between the amount of energy you expend trying to make it and the stop light turning red.

Richard D 11-13-02 08:34 AM

Problems always occur at an equidistant point from home and work or from rail station to rail station.


hillyman 11-13-02 08:57 AM

No matter how many tools you carry with you,something on your bike will break that you don't have a tool for.

RainmanP 11-13-02 09:55 AM

Whatever tool you need will be the only one your new multitool DOESN"T have.

toolfreak 11-13-02 10:04 AM

* The more crapp you take with you on a ride, the less you use *


MikeR 11-13-02 10:27 AM

The last few miles are always uphill.

a2psyklnut 11-13-02 10:53 AM

There is always someone who is fitter, faster or has a nicer bike, so remain humble and have fun!


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