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Falchoon 11-13-02 07:55 PM

How much have you spent?
On bikes and associate bike gear this year?

New MTB $850
New Roadie $1650
SPD Pedals $80
SPD shoes $100
Rack and panniers $150
Bar bag $50
Bum bag $55
Tubes $75
Tyres $100
Bike computer $80
Bike clothing $260
Chain lube $50

Total $3500! (This is Aussie $$, double it for US$ or triple it for British £)

Take out the new bikes and it looks a lot better, *only* $1000!

Edit: Forgot to add membership to local bike club and magazine subscriptions - add another $80

P. B. Walker 11-13-02 09:15 PM

Over $5K US. Accck. Scary. And I'm planning on buying and building a new bike from scratch next year. Thinking of a Seven frame... I'm sure I'll spend just as much next year.


Kev 11-13-02 09:16 PM

I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!! Atleast how much I spent...

I built up my second road bike, full carbon I love it!!! I needed a weekend bike.. :) Since I got a divorce I don't have to justify the money now :)

Building up a mtb right now, hopefuly be done in next few weeks..

I realize I could buy a bike for less money then I spent building my bikes, but what fun is that? I enjoy putting them together, and the full fillment I get just riding a bike I put together for the first time.

I would estimate this year I spent ALOT!

redfox 11-14-02 01:01 AM

ummm.I better not say my wife may read this:eek:

Hants Commuter 11-14-02 01:43 AM

Bike Servicing £75
Tyres £45
Tubes £21
2nd Hand Bike £90
SPD Pedals £25
Lights £50
Clothing ~ £60

Total £366

ChipRGW 11-14-02 06:14 AM

Hmmm, Lets see...

Bikes (2) -------$225
Tires (4) -------$100
Lights (2)-------$30
SPD Pedals -----$0
Shoes(2) -------$60
Misc Stuff-------$100
Sold old POS ----$-100

Getting off my lazy a$$ and having an incredible ride ---Priceless

Paige 11-14-02 07:05 AM

~ $4000 US
Better than wasting it on a car......

MikeR 11-14-02 07:06 AM

This is what I remember of the top of my head:

3 tires (one spare) ..................60
Bike Overhaul & new BB........140
New Chain & cogs....................60
Miscellaneous tools..................20
3 day group ride.....................300
Winter Bike clothes.................200
TOTAL................................$ 1030

WOW - more than I thought! Of course most of that stuff I will be using more than one year.

Last year I bought the bike. That means so far, I'm paying almost $1 a mile to ride.

I gota ride more and spend less!

The Toninator 11-14-02 08:25 AM

(actually 1 and ½ years – For 1 year total just subtract 1 bike and 1 build)
2 new bikes
3 new frames
3 bike groupo’s
fluid trainer
hid light
dietary supplements – Cytomax, clif bars, clif shots etc
biking clothes
race fee’s
meals at races
misc – tubes, tires, lubes, worn derailleurs, misc worn parts etc

Well into the 5 figure range.

The Toninator 11-14-02 08:30 AM


Originally posted by Falchoon
On bikes and associate bike gear this year?

Total $3500! (This is Aussie $$, double it for US$ or triple it for British £)

If that is Aussie $$ wouldn’t we half it and third it for other currency’s?

JustsayMo 11-14-02 08:52 AM

That is a good start but you have a ways to go before you catch me ...

I have no idea of the totals but I've owned more than 20 bikes that retailed over $1000 US.

My current stable of steeds includes a custom TET frame w/Dura Ace, a Gunnar Tire Biter w/ Ultegra, a TREK 2300 with Ultegra, a Cannondale CAD 3 with Dura Ace, a John Waite custom Track bike with Campy record and Mavic components, a Cannondale Tandem, and I have 4 mountain bikes (a racer, a mudder, a single speed, and a touring conversion).

Throw in clothing (dozens of shorts, jerseys, several helmets, shoes ..) and worn out components (I have a bucket full of old chains), Travel, entry fees, racing licenses,

Even though I spend an embarrassing percentage of my income on cycling feel I've gotten a great return on the investment.

RainmanP 11-14-02 09:26 AM

I prefer to think of it as money INVESTED, if you please. After all I am a commuter first and figure my 22 mile round trip commute saves me $10 per day, every day. This year I have probably spent $1000, mostly on elective stuff, like BikeForums and other club jerseys, inexpensive bike shoes for commuting, odd parts and accessories for commuting.

Kev, I'm with you. It's a lot more fun to build up a bike even if it costs more. Future buildups should cost me too much since I have so many parts I can re-use! See, it's an INVESTMENT!

Richard D 11-14-02 11:23 AM

Fortunately I don't keep an exact track as it would probably scare me :D


RonH 11-14-02 11:45 AM

Not sure if this is everything, but here's what I remember. All US dollars.

Bicycling organizations (SBL, ABC, LAB) -- $110
Clothing -- $350
Shoes -- $160
Computers -- $75
Tires and tubes -- $150
Lube, cleaner, etc -- $50
Bike shop repairs -- $40
Bike parts -- $170
Tools -- $100
Bike carrier -- $100
Trainer -- $230

:eek: I hope my wife doesn't find out about this. :o :D

Sailguy 11-14-02 12:05 PM

NR Digital Pro 32W Light System - $400
NR Tailight - $50
Panniers and Rack - $120
Reflector Stuff - $10
Clothing - $200
Misc - $30
Tires/Tubes - $80

webist 11-14-02 02:25 PM

Difficult to say without a comprehensive statement from the bike shop.

Usually, I just use the spare cash in the checking account on each visit to the LBS. I think it adds up to a bunch though.

dougc 11-14-02 02:47 PM

Yeesshhh!!! I just sat down and added everything up. I can't even say how much because people have killed for much less. Basically started from scratch in December/January, so I bought at least one of everything. The Readers Digest condensed version includes the following items.

New road bike for me.
Same for my wife.
Clothes for every season.
Summer shoes
Winter shoes
Parts to resurrect two old bikes

The sad thing is that there are still things I need/want.

Panniers for commuter bike
Winter tights
One more winter jersey

I think that if I failed to place an order with Performance for two months, they would call to make sure I was OK.

MikeR 11-14-02 03:02 PM

Unfortunately, I'm not a commuter so I can't say that the $ spent is a savings over the auto.

However I do see it as an investment in my health (70 lbs lighter and lower blood pressure). I guess that it is still much cheaper than a gym membership – which I would not attend anyway – I don’t have that kind of discipline.

Jean Beetham Smith 11-14-02 05:54 PM

I don't think I should post my total, Dan might notice it. I put 9 months between the last 2 bikes so it wouldn't be quite so obvious that I need a 12 step program.

Kev 11-14-02 06:01 PM

12 step program now their is a idea.. I'm just finishing my mountain bike.. now thinking of a cross.. maybe unicycle then?

Beth 11-14-02 06:33 PM

Let's see....

Jerseys: short sleeved, long sleeves and sleeveless

And since I've lost weight this season, everything except socks and shoes are in three different sizes! :D

New freewheel
New stem
New chain
Lots of degreaser

Ok, I'm back on my (2) bikes after a 7 year hiatus (of laziness and sloth). When I hit a certain age milestone, I realized that I'd never be in better shape than I am now (which isn't what I'd call great, being "horizontally challenged"), so I'd do something about it.

So, all told, probably $700-800. That certainly isn't as much as it could have been, but since I've been unemployed for over a year, in my anemic checkbook, it's quite a lot! The only good thing about unemployment - I've got lots of riding time!

Oh, and Kev.. I've got a unicycle in the garage that's been ridden about 10 minutes, if you're interested! ;)

bentbaggerlen 11-14-02 06:39 PM

Yep, it's an investment... in a better life
MTB (single) $2800
MTB (tandem) $4000
Single bents (4 of them) $4500
Tandem bent $4000
Bike trailer $400
Rack and panniers $1000
Tubes Who knows!
Tires Same ????????
Bike computer Dont use them
Bike clothing Lost count.........
The list gose on and on and on.......
Camping gear, tools, parts etc etc etc.

Yes, I've spent lots on the bikes, and I drive a cheap Korean car... My car gets me from point A to B and back when it has to, my car is not an extention of myself. I always get a chuckle from people who say "You paid HOW MUCH FOR A BIKE!?!" Shaking there head as they climb into there $50,000 car. To each there own I guess...

"Honney I'm going to the bike shop! I won't be long, I only have $500....

VegasCyclist 11-14-02 06:49 PM

about $3,000, but I built a road bike & mountan bike up from scracth, and had to buy the clothing, shoes, helmet and gloves to get started into the sport (as this is my first year.) I also was albe to retro fit an old road bike as a commuter, so it's not too shabby for 3k :)

Falchoon 11-14-02 07:33 PM


Originally posted by The Toninator

If that is Aussie $$ wouldn’t we half it and third it for other currency’s?

Oops! You are correct. I must of been out riding in the hot sun too long...;)

orguasch 11-20-02 04:51 PM


Originally posted by redfox
ummm.I better not say my wife may read this:eek:

I can hear you on that

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