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Beau 11-13-02 08:49 PM

Nice forums you have here
I've been lurking for the past few days gathering information and finally decided I want to be a part of the site. I know there is an introductions topic, but on the other message boards I go to almost nobody reads it so I'm posting here instead.

I'm looking for a 14 or 16 inch mtn bike right now so if anybody wants some extra money, email me. I also put a thread in the Wanted section that is more specific. Great site here.

[email protected]


MediaCreations 11-13-02 09:39 PM

Howdy Beau

Welcome to the forums. We look forward to hearing much more from you about what kind of cycling you're into etc.

Beau 11-13-02 10:22 PM

I've never even seen a trail in Orlando, but people at bike shops tell me they exist. I don't know what Orlando has to offer so I'm just going to start with a standard XC bike. I grew up on the Connecticut shoreline so I'm used to mountainous terrain with lots of loose rocks, ditches, steams, and roots. Typical forrest riding I guess with some fireroads for some high speed excitement. I do plan on going back to CT after I graduate next December so the XC bike will work well there.

I was in high school while I lived in CT so I didn't really take biking very seriously. Now I got the itch to ride again and want to get more technical knowledge so I can better choose the right tool for the job. From what I've read so far this site has many knowledgable people and I will gain plenty I'm sure.

This cool weather we are getting here lately is perfect for riding and here I am with no bike at all! Either this sport has evolved a ton in the past 5 years or I was totally clueless to what was available. There are so many different types of frames available I can barely tell them apart. So to me most of them seem very similar. Like the Specialized "P" frame, to me it just looks like a regular 14 or 16 inch XC bike but with more rake to the neck (is that the proper term?).

Also, this time around I'm going to get into the training/nuitrition part of the sport for the obvious aerobic and health reasons. I see there is a section for that topic so I frequent that one as well.

Look forward to many newbie type questions from me. I am aware of the search function so they should be kept to a minimum anyway. Thanks.

Kind of surprised "Beau" is not already taken as a user name :)


Dannihilator 11-17-02 11:51 PM

Best of luck finding a bike there are so many.

Beau 11-18-02 09:09 AM

Actually, I lucked out and found a bike in the For Sale forum on this site! The seller was only 2hrs away from me as well so I'm back on two wheels. Picked it up Friday night, it rained all Saturday of course, then I rode for a few hours on local trails Sunday. Now my non-cyclist butt is sore. Can't wait to get over this sore-bum initiation back into the sport! Anybody in the Orlando area or that will be making a trip to Orlando for a ride, please PM me or email me and maybe we can meet up for a ride sometime. Thanks.


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