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v1nce 02-23-06 01:31 AM

Need help with something relating to sydney

I am writing a piece about 'cycling role models', and sydney is also featured. I wondered can someone point me to the moving post that a woman made about sydney. In it she related how he send her a free bike after she had an accident. I have looked but did not succeed.

Would be appreciated!


Machka 02-23-06 01:37 AM

Try the Bicycling Magazine forum. The girl in question went by the name Verystillwater over there. I'm sure they would be able to put you in touch with her.

verystillwater 07-15-07 03:07 PM

am I too late?
It's funny the things you find when you google old usernames.

I would love to honor sydney if it's not too late.

I'm the girl you were looking for.

email me at: if you still need anything for your story.


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