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Paige 11-19-02 05:22 PM

Giro Pneumo
Don't know if any of you saw it but on a bicycle newsgroup there is a thread about the Pneumos being cracked. The crack is on the inside front, a little off center. Seems people who have Pneumos and have looked have found cracks. If you have a Pneumo might be worth a look......

Altwegg 11-20-02 02:59 AM

Will do, thanks for the tip.

juciluci 11-20-02 05:23 AM

thanks!.. checked mine and it is fine.. good tip tho. :)

RainmanP 11-20-02 07:33 AM

Mine looks fine. Thanks for the note.

velo 11-20-02 02:39 PM

I'll check it out. Thanks. :)

christine 11-21-02 10:43 AM

Eak - I'll check mine when I get home.

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