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liquid 11-24-02 11:49 PM

cycling computer
i just recently got into road biking and i am in the market for a computer. i was looking at a flight deck that will work with my bike that has the ulterga set up. but all i really care about is the speed and distance so i think i will go for something cheaper. can anyone recommend any. i also came across cat eye are they any good? also is there any down fall tonot getting the wireless one?
are these hard to install?


MediaCreations 11-24-02 11:56 PM

Cateye make pretty good computers. I've always used them.

I'm sure the wireless ones are nice but I've always had a wired computer. They're easy to install. Just follow the directions and if you get stuck post any questions here.

gmason 11-25-02 02:18 AM

While I use an EgoBrain 10 on my road bike, I have a Cateye Cordless 2 on my city bike, and has served me well for almost two years.

I do prefer cordless - much less to get in the way and go wrong. I wish Campa would come out with one.

But I would highly recommend a computer that showed you cadence - the most important function in my opinion.


liquid 11-25-02 09:05 AM

thank you for the replies. what is cadence, i am assuming it shows what cearyour are in? also does anyone know of a cheap place on line to buy cat eye from?


gmason 11-25-02 09:33 AM

Cadence is the RPM your pedals are turning. Look around the forum for threads about the subject. Very important, especially for knee health.


Poppaspoke 11-25-02 09:45 AM

Cadence is simply cyclist jargon for pedal RPM. There are many computers that have this function...the downside is the requirement for an unsightly lead running along your downtube to the pedal area. This is where the Flightdeck shines with its "virtual cadence" feature: it deduces your cadence from speed and gearing data (it's inaccurate if your coasting, obviously). Cadence is especially helpful for cyclists looking for a more structured training program. For the majority of us, a wireless with speed and distance is perfect: no unsightly leads on the fork to spoil the bikes clean look. If you have the cash, I believe Flightdeck has a wireless version also.

gmason 11-25-02 09:59 AM


no unsightly leads on the fork
On the fork? Mine is on the chainstay. But in any case, cadence is still important.


Poppaspoke 11-25-02 10:22 AM

Right, I wasn't being clear. The typical computer w/o cadence has a lead to the fork. A computer with cadence will have two leads: one to the fork and along the downtube ( a lot of nasty looking plastic ties). A wirless computer will have no leads..very clean looking.

RegularGuy 11-25-02 10:42 AM

I'm going to put a word in for Sigma Sport computers. I've used a lot of different computers and I have nothing against other brands. I just like the Sigma Sports best. They are easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to use and upgradable.

I have a wireless computer on my mountain bike, and think it makes sense there where the wires might take some abuse. On my road bikes, I use hard wired computers. I don't mind the look of wire leads on my fork. Wired computers are a little more reliable, and of course, they take less batteries.

One of my first computers had cadence and, when I was first getting started, it was a useful feature. Now I have an idea of how a good cadence feels, so I don't want or need the cadence feature on my computer. Some of my hardcore road racer friends wouldn't be without it though.

Features I do find useful are: time of day, distance, current speed, average speed, trip distance, and trip time.

roadbuzz 11-25-02 10:51 AM

A good Cat-eye to go for is the Mity 3. It has the normal, basic features, plus two wheel size configurations, if you have two bikes (you have to buy a second set of mounting hardware). I've heard complaints about the Astrale, so I'd avoid that one. It should cost between $20-$30. Performance has them on sale for $18 right now. Vetta also has some good, basic cyclo computers in the $20 range. Specialized makes very good computers, but they're a little pricier.

In my opinion, if you don't know what cadence is, you definitely don't need the additional wires cluttering up your bike. Also, there are wireless versions of computers out there. I'm not sure there's any significant advantage, except that your bike is prettier because you don't have a wire between your h-bars and forks. On the other hand, wireless computers are notorius for giving bogus readings near some kinds of electrical or roadside telephony equipment, and you have to have a second battery for the sending unit.

SteveE 11-25-02 11:46 AM

I am using a Cateye Astrale w/cadence.

There is only a single wire that runs between the handlebar and the chainstay. My computer wire is tied-wrapped to the rear der. cable housing. It runs underneath the downtube where it is held in place by two pieces of electrical tape running parallel to the tube. The excess wiring is looped a couple of times and tie-wrapped to the underside of the chainstay opposite the chainring. Unless you get down on your hands and knees and look under the bike, you cannot see the wires under the downtube. It is a very clean-looking way to setup a non-wirelss bike computer.

Credit for this arrangement should go to the mechanic at my local bike shop that built up the bike.

Michel Gagnon 11-25-02 01:33 PM

There is also a very cheap way to compute your cadence.

All cyclocomputers, even the cheapest ones, show either the time or lapsed time with seconds. Count the number of pedal pushes you do with the left leg during one minute (or count during 15 seconds and multiply by 4).

Regarding wireless vs wired computers, wired computers have a few advantages:

1. only one battery;

2. no interference with generator, heart rate monitor, ...

3. cheaper.


Falchoon 11-25-02 06:27 PM

I have Cateye Australe and find it OK. The only problem is I'm a bit of Technomoron(TM) and can't figure out what half the functions are!:rolleyes: :crash: :o

Cipher 11-25-02 08:50 PM

I have been using the Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Cyclocomputer
Regular Price:$34.99, (got mine @ the LBS for $24)

No buttons, 100% waterproof.. Four lines on the MacroMonitor™ LCD display provide up to 5 pieces of data at once. To switch modes, just push the computer body forward. Auto on/off, H/D oversized wire harness. Functions: current, average, and maximum speed, +/- average speed indicator, trip distance, total distance, clock, stopwatch, ride time, and temperature read-out.

Down side is no cadence.


liquid 11-27-02 09:15 AM

well thank you for all the input. i think i am going to go with the cat eye at preformance i didnt see the mitty 3 i sawthe tomo and it is about 13 dollars. arent theres hard to set up or can i do it myself.


RegularGuy 11-27-02 09:29 AM

Bicycle computers aren't hard to install. Work slowly, be careful and neat. Read Sheldon Brown's cyclecomputer installation tips and follow the directions that come with your computer.

Have fun.

fubar5 11-27-02 09:57 AM

Sigma Sport BC 401, all the basic functions, and the price is right, 21 dollars.

wlevey 11-27-02 10:24 AM

I just put the 03 Specalized Speedzone Elite on my bike and I love it!!

It has a very different look and gives you five (5) pieces of data at a time (including Caence if you want). It also measures max cadence and average cadence.

I got the Yellow one from for $40!! It is $70 in the stores!!! I don't know if they have any more of them since it was a close out.

Before I got this one I used a Cateye ATC which was an old model that didn't have cadence, but was a GREAT computer!! I don't think you can go wrong with either one!!

As for the Flight Deck - Save you money or spend it on something more useful for your bike or a really good pair of Sidi Shoes!! I looked into it and was initially impressed with all the information it gives until I reolized I don't pay attention to half of it when I am wriding!! You will find what works for you in terms of cadence, gear etc. by doing the one thing you got the bike to do - RIDE!!!!!!!

Best of luck and happy cycling - Bill:)

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