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Bigwheel 11-25-02 05:31 PM

noisy Tacx trainer
I have a new Tacx Cycleforce Swing that makes a knocking noise when used on any setting other than the easiest one. It gets progressively louder as resistance and/or speed increases. At higher speeds it becomes an annoying buzzing sound.

Anyone know anything about this? I'm expecting that it's supposed to be a lot quieter than it is.

wlevey 11-26-02 11:40 AM

I don't know anything about it, but I just ordered the BASIC and would be REALLY interested in finding out about the solution and how it goes with their customer service department. I spoke with Ruddy at the distributer in my area and he seemed quite knoledgable and helpful (Rudy Reimer - [email protected]). I had his phone number, but must had trashed it. I tried to find the distributor's name and number, but it wouldn't come up. The Tacx site is

Hope this is helpful and keep me informed if you would


Bokkie 11-27-02 03:10 AM


Did you replace the QR skewer on the rear wheel with the one that came with the Tacx? The Tacx QR is designed so that when you adjust the rear end of the unit it fits snugly around the QR.

I presume when you fit the bike to the Tacx you take up the rear slack with the adjuster, and then lock it in place?

What about the contact with the wheel? I presume yours is like the Excel I used to have. You can adjust the pressure of the roller against the tire. It needs to be firm enough to make good contact, but not so tight that it presses hard against the tire.

After you've fitted the bike onto it, check for any looseness at the rear end. It should be completely rigid.

Check the roller without the bike fitted. Spin the roller by hand. There should be no detectable movement if it's running nicely on it's bearings.

I'm being a dimwit here, but the rear wheel is fitted correctly to the dropouts?:)

You will hear noise from it when spinning along but that should just be tire noise. It it's buzzing, then I wonder if it's an electrical fault? I don't know the one you have, but my Excel was mains operated as it had a feedback between the rear end and the pooter it used that you fit on the bars.

Bigwheel 11-28-02 02:03 PM

Yup, checked all that and more...everything seems to be ok.

The "buzzing" I tried to describe isn't an electrical issue, it's just the sound the "knock" makes at higher speeds.

The bike shop has never seen this problem before. They are contacting the distributor to figure something out.

Bokkie 11-29-02 01:47 AM

Next thing I'd look at is get the lbs to return/replace it with another, or get it stripped down. Sounds now like it could be something in the Tacx. Maybe the roller and bearings are'nt properly seated/tightened and running with too much slack?

The only remaining 'knock' I can think of is this. It's not your knees by any chance?:D

gmason 01-15-03 07:11 AM

I just fired up our brand new Swing, and do hear what sounds like a light vibrational noise from the working end. Everything seems to be in order otherwise. I am just treating it as normal for the moment.


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