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catatonic 03-12-06 11:44 AM

Sneaker style SPD shoes for a 10-D?
Yep, shoe time again....cracked the soles of my current ones after a year of rigorous use, as well as tore up the lining, etc.

Bad part....Performance dropped their TraverseII and III shoes, which I knew fit me I'm SOL in that dept.

I tried a few LBSs and could not find a shoe in my size that fits...

It must be a sneaker type since I do lots of stop and go, and am not willing to grind my eggbeater cleats to heck and back, nor slip and slide about.

So, any folks here have any brands to try out?

toolba 03-13-06 09:22 PM

There not sneaker type, but they might fit the bill anyway. I bought a pair of Nike Kato. I like them just fine. They're easy to walk around in.

AndrewP 03-13-06 09:54 PM

Cannondale, the treads keep the cleats off the ground when walking, stiff sole makes for efficient pedalling.

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